Feb 19 2012

Movie review: This Means War [just great.]

f4ajojxy_thumb Movie review: This Means War [just great.]

As with many other people, I went out this weekend to grab a movie and dinner. I chose to go to the new This Means War movie. It had a few people in it that normally make a good movie; Reese Witherspoon and Chris Pine— there was another actor I’m not so familiar with, Tom Hardy, but I recently saw him in another movie, Warrior that wasn’t that bad— but this cast of characters brought the movie together for me.Throughout the movie there’s point that are obvious to come, but still this movie is all about getting there…

The movie is 90+ minutes and it’s rated PG13.


Two highly trained CIA operatives are best friends and they somehow meet up with the same girl.

dyr0siph_thumb Movie review: This Means War [just great.]

They engage in a gentleman’s game of winning the girl without exposing they know each other and at the same time she’s deliberating who she likes more. All the while, there’s this really super bad guy trying to track down and kill the guys…

Here’s the trailer…


The body of the movie…

The premise of the movie is fairly transparent, but in this case the fun is all about how the elements are presented and the story that’s being told for each tit for tat moment. Each encounter is really entertaining. I loved the elements of the movie; they played out perfectly, and there’s no dead spots; from the very first moments of the movie there was action, and sarcasm— it’s something you would expect to see at the send of the movie, but this is just the inception [no pun intended].

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Reese Witherspoon is awesome as usual; always pretty and full the energy people like to watch. Chris Pine plays his role perfectly, coming off successful movies like Star Trek and Unstoppable [w/Denzel Washington] this was just another one of those perfect movies for him.

huomghwq_thumb Movie review: This Means War [just great.]

Tom Hardy, I haven’t seen him in a lot of roles, but he’s played the roles he’s had fairly well; in this role, I believe it played perfectly for him. If Tom keeps finding roles like this, he could be another Jason Statham action hero…

I need to mention Chelsea Handler; there’s a few spots in this movie that are just perfect for her and her kind of comedy and for the role she played, being the confidant for Reese during the moving, playing devils advocate, she did a great job.

The comedy, action and romance elements in this movie were well placed. Although the premise of the movie is right there in your face, you know what’s going to happen and you know where it’s going to go; it’s very entertaining to watch.

Wrapping up…

All in all, I loved this movie.
I’m not able to say anything bad about the movie. If I wouldn’t have to deal with the down right rudeness of current theatre patrons, I would go again; and again. This is one of those romance, comedy and action movies you want to buy, because you’re going to see something new each time and the watching of the movie isn’t going to get old. I really look forward having this released on DVD and go straight to my movie collection. If you’ve got a chance to see it in a theater, by all means, do so; it’s worth it… it’d be a great first date movie.

And that’s my take on the movie…

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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zemified_c Movie review: This Means War [just great.]

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