Feb 16 2012

How to: Send PaperPort Documents to Thunderbird [easy]


There’s a problem with PaperPort  that’s lacking a little bit, but for the most part I believe the overall interface of PaperPort is outstanding, the flow of the application works for me and I can organize my stuff the way I’d like to, but the problem I have is fairly simple and Nuance has been reluctant to address it, and the issue is allowing the documents PaperPort manages to be sent to all the ‘major’ e-mail clients.

So, here we’re are; I’m working with PaperPort 14 [latest version] and we still have this issue to deal with and people have been asking for this option at least since v8 of PaperPort, but I have some help to offer…

In PaperPort you can do two things to send your attachments to the major e-mail clients. The first option is built-in to PaperPort and doesn’t require anything to be done, but it is a hassle to do it…

Here’s how…

Option 1

I’m not able to verify this was in previous versions, but if not, I still have an option for you… take a look at this screenshot:

PaperPort Documents to Thunderbird

Okay; this is what PaperPort wants you to do to send all your documents, you selected, to e-mail them to the default e-mail client. That’s right; you have to highlight all the documents, right-click and then go through this maze of right-click options to ‘Send To »  Mail Receipent

This is me being lazy, but that’s not any fun if you have to do that greater numbers of 5 times a day. 


OH, and for my digging around…

I did try the MENU in PaperPort for the SEND option… it doesn’t recognize Thunderbird as an email client [sad], but doing what I showed above, works just fine.

PaperPort Documents to Thunderbird


[My] Option 2

Did you know you can’t create a MAILTO: option in the ‘Send To Bar’— that’s a bit nuts, but okay.

Did you know you can’t create a Send To option for Thunderbird there either? [again, NUTS]
The options while trying to generate the NEW Send To option doesn’t allow for parameters. This basically screws Thunderbird right out of the e-mail options for PaperPort…

Or does it?

I wrote an application that allows PaperPort to send Thunderbird an attachment for a new e-mail… It (PaperPort),  for some reason I don’t know of, won’t send multiple attachments to my application [or any other application I tried], but you can send single attachments all day long…

»  The only way you can send multiple documents is with the option above.



Download the application, and place it into your default Mozilla Thunderbird directory/folder.

PaperPort Documents to Thunderbird

It should be listed like this… just put the file in the folder, there’s nothing to configure.

PaperPort Documents to Thunderbird



Setup in PaperPort

Open up PaperPort and then look to the bottom Send To bar… Right-click and let’s get started, following the screenshots below…I will going to do is create a New Program Link.

PaperPort Documents to Thunderbird

Then you choose the option that says ‘image program that accepts image files’…

PaperPort Documents to Thunderbird

And then what you’re going to do is punch in the path location my application that creates a link between PaperPort and Thunderbird. On my machine, the path appears like this:

e.g. C:Program Files (x86)Mozilla ThunderbirdPaperPort2Thunderbird .exe

PaperPort Documents to Thunderbird

Choose the option to ‘let program manage the temporary files’. The reason you’re doing this is so that PaperPort will create a temporary file for Thunderbird to attach to the new e-mail.

If you don’t do this the temporary file will be deleted before you can send the e-mail… resulting in a send failure.

PaperPort Documents to Thunderbird

On the next screen, just choose next…

PaperPort Documents to Thunderbird

For the icon, you can use anything you want. You can use the icon from the program or you can use something a little more standard might look like an e-mail… it’s your choice.

PaperPort Documents to Thunderbird

I chose just a standard e-mail envelope…

PaperPort Documents to Thunderbird

To complete the setup, just choose FINISH.

PaperPort Documents to Thunderbird

You will have to restart PaperPort in order for the changes to be applied…

PaperPort Documents to Thunderbird

Once PaperPort restarts, the new icon will be placed at the bottom of the window, along with all the other icons. It may take a few seconds/moments the icon to appear, but it should eventually appear. This has nothing to do with my application, and more to do with how PaperPort works.

PaperPort Documents to Thunderbird



Using it…

In PaperPort, choose the document you want to e-mail. and then click on the icon in the Send To Toolbar. the first time that you run the selection you may be asked what the destination document type should be; I chose PDF, but you can choose any option that you’d like. I chose PDF because a PDF document is pretty much standard— everyone should have a PDF viewer by now.


Once the file has been handed off to Thunderbird, to create a new e-mail, the application pops up a informational box from the system tray.


From there a new e-mail is created, the attachment is added and the e-mail is ready for the e-mail addresses and whatever you would like to put in the body of the e-mail. Simple..

Again, I would’ve liked to have the ability to attach multiple documents to an outgoing e-mail for Thunderbird, but PaperPort doesn’t seem to allow that. the application has been tested with version 14 of Nuance’s PaperPort, but it should work for other versions of PaperPort and current versions of Thunderbird.

And for all those individuals out there who would just like an icon to be able to click on to send an attachment; this could help you.


The application is a free download; free to use. It only runs when you use it with PaperPort. There’s no spyware or malware; nothing malicious. It was created using autohotkey


PaperPort 2 Thunderbird  

I hope this helps…
Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

…via Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11

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