Blogger vs. Journalism: Is either less valid?

image_thumb3 Blogger vs. Journalism: Is either less valid?Writing for a blog and running a blog site like mine can be fun sometimes, on a sarcastic note, because of the things you deal with and the obstacles you try to navigate to keep your material fresh, perspective true and to provide as much accurate information you can. I don’t see who, or how, any journalist could be asked of any less.

In these days of the Internet and being able to publish anything, anytime and with such rich media options; more than any traditional newspaper could dream of, there’s arguments that bloggers aren’t reports/journalists and they don’t deserve the right and honorary title of writer, or journalist; I call that utter baseless tripe.

People are people; they have opinions and information to share. Having someone come from outside and to arbitrarily say they’re not worthy of being, is a joke. The real problem is that with rich media outlets like Twitter and Facebook and with information coming in via unfiltered venues like the ole’ traditional news did; now there’s a greater opportunity to bite the raw nerve of a story; to really piss someone off without filters.

With network TV and new groups, they have to make their works ethical and decent for publishing— bloggers and web writers, a lot of them, don’t have that filter.

Its straight from the Internet venue to the writer, to the web, as raw as it can be… and it not normally that something has already been placed and viewed on the Internet several thousand times that the news groups will pick it up and present it. They figure, what the hell; everyone else has already seen it, what’s the big deal? The difference is that when they air it, they just say ‘it could be disturbing’…

Websites like Digg and Mashable and Reddit cover so much ground everyday; so much that normal ‘papers’ couldn’t even handle. I browse the web searching for the new stuff of the world and then I laugh when people come to me and ask, did you see this or hear about that in the TV or the paper? Chuckling, I respond, yes; about 5 days ago.

As far as I’m concerned, if you’ve got a blog and you are writing a blog or web content on a regular basis, you’re a writer. Formal training and ethics aside, you’re a writer, a journalist. Lack of training and ethics doesn’t make you any less; it may make you obtuse and offensive, but that maybe the market you’re going for— people loved Howard Stern for the same reason for years, and he’s HUGELY popular.

So, I’ve got an aversion towards hearing about bloggers and web writers being stripped of this title, it’s disrespectful and sad; especially in the United States. We’re supposed to have laws that shield publishers from punishment like that., and laws for freedom of the press…

The biggest difference between the Blogger and journalist is the level of work that’s done.

Bloggers can share snippets, tidbits and media really quick without going through a process of proof reading and editor approval; their content can go from head, keyboard to the world. And as I mentioned earlier, there’s the level of work; the spelling, grammar, punctuation and structure; to ensure you have a professional concise message. Bloggers, they mostly hope for spelling and grammar checkers to catch it before they hit publish…

Before someone, writer, blogger or journalist get ripped of their title, we need to be considering the body of work before we decide if they are, or aren’t.

I have gotten some of the best news, tip, tricks and reference material from blogs; I rarely get any from newspapers, or newspaper websites; that’s the old way. The NEW way is to search the web, find a blog and read it. There’s great material there! I don’t see how a journalist and a blogger are any different in providing content or substantial material…

And I don’t see how a judge can rule for a journalist over a blogger; it’s obtuse and unacceptable. These types of rulings are undermining the landscape of ‘freedom of speech’… Just because  a person doesn’t publish their material to a piece of paper with advertisements, doesn’t make it any less valid. Bloggers publish their material to the web and they get paid by advertisements; I don’t see the difference.

Thanks for reading to the end…

Are bloggers and journalist not equal in their respects? Both write, both share information, both publish information to the public and yet some courts are stat


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

zemified_c Blogger vs. Journalism: Is either less valid?

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