Video Chats: Skype vs. Google+ Hangouts

yiq2kmat_thumb Video Chats: Skype vs. Google+ HangoutsOver the past couple of months I’ve been using Skype with some friends, but I have also been using Google+ hangouts and I’ve to say that between the two, I’ve more fun with Google+ hangouts than I do Skype.

I like Google+ in the respect it’s really browser based and I’m able to get people to simply go to a website and just hook up. Personally, I don’t know a lot of people that don’t have a Google account; and if you’ve got a Google account, then you have Google+ account.

The difference is with Skype you have to load software on the machine, you have to start it and create a new account. And there’s the catcher right there. When I say Skype, some people look at me like I’m speaking Greek or something. It turns immediately in to where do I find it, do I’ve to download it, is it hard, and then the process of creating an account with Skype. And to be honest, the Skype account serves nothing more than for Skype, whereas having a Google+ account means that you can lots of other stuff, Google e-mail, documents, YouTube, blogger and several other things— all linked to Google.


Being as how Skype operates similar to an Instant Messenger application it’s a little confined to me, and I don’t like the amount of resources it takes when it’s running; consuming 140Mb of memory just sitting there waiting. Holding that much memory at idle seems wrong to me…

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Don’t get me wrong, the service that Skype provides is great. And the quality of the calls it provides is outstanding; I’ve to wonder about its future though with it being acquired by Microsoft. You have to ask is Microsoft going to forget and not give Skype the attention it really needs?


Now, on the other hand, there’s Google+ and it’s like a runaway train with all the developments that are going on over there in their camp. Google+ has made what Skype does a simple thing… Google+ has now added, video chat, voice chat, phone calls, voice mail, screen sharing and several other features. The greatest news to come from Skype in the past year was that Microsoft purchased them and they have a greater integration with Facebook; which, in my opinion, isn’t really the best direction.

I like how easy it is to just to send someone a hangout link and then have them connect to me…

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The screenshot above is between me and a friend of mine from his Android phone. And yesterday, of course you can have multiple people joining in, have chat, screen share, YouTube and some neat effects like reindeer [antlers and red nose], but I believe the service is just simpler, straight forward and easy to use. There’s something about the bulkiness of Skype that causes me to pause.

I actually wish that I had been using Skype and Google+ years ago, but it wasn’t until recently that the interest in voice chatting really has excelled.

To be sure, there are other services similar to Skype and Google+ hangouts, but considering the exposure; these are probably the most common to everyone right now. Taking from that, I just find that Google+ is a better solution right now. If the users already have Google mail; it’s just so much easier.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 


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