This week in tech – 1/21/2012

lehsys_weekintech_thumb This week in tech - 1/21/2012

This is a kind of a new thing for me, it’s a first; and I will TRY to start doing more of these types of posts [I really wil]. I get to see a lot of tech news during the week. As a blogger, you can’t pick everything to write about, but some things will spark a post, but I thought I would start sharing some of the interesting stories of the week for an end of the week review.

This past week was a lot about SOPA, politics, ingorance, the power of the Internet and new waves of technologies. It was interesting to see how things played out this week. It started out with a rage against the stupidity of the United States congress and the senators and representatives that were trying to push it and then the logic behind it and then why have it when you have other laws that can do the same thing. Another point, was the talking of MegaUpload; wow, what an interesting story there. I have

So, here’s a few quick picks for the week… » Reid bows to online protest Mobile


So, after the United States government tried to push through legislation on SOPA and PIPA and hoping that people would let it go unnoticed; that’s something that clearly didn’t happen. Media stating that they didn’t cover it because it was too complicated to explain; when it’s not really. But after one day of websites going dark in protest of SOPA and PIPA the controversial bills have been placed on hold for now… behold the power of the Internet.

and while we’re on the topic of copyright… and IP protection…


U.S. Government Kills Megaupload | John C. Dvorak |


Clearly, the United States government has the ability to kill websites and arrest people that have infringing and illegal content because they did that to MegaUpload. The logic behind this is kind of scary because I believe it clear sets a precedent in the area of what’s legal and illegal around the world, country to country. And the way the United States government justifies this action could be enough leverage for other countries and come to the United States and snatch a website and blogger for some random, unknown, law; it’s fascinating.

And even more IP stuff…


Eye-Fi CEO slams SD Association’s eerily similar Wireless SD card standard, says his IP is being violated — Engadget

I’ve been watching Eye-Fi for a while now. I love the technology they bring to the table on the use of SD cards in mobile devices, and anything that uses SD cards. But what’s happening here is a clear violation of copyright and IP infringement. Lawsuits have been filed for much less. Basically, the SD card makers are coming together to propose a new standard, but it’s not really a new standard; it’s basically the same thing Eye-Fi does. Eye-Fi is clearly upset about this proposal… While I take preference to the idea of SD cards having this ability… I say adopt it and pay Eye-Fi the licensing credit they deserve.

And for this week, and the death of text books…


Apple’s new vision of education – Computerworld

Leave it to Apple to stir the pot on education and e-Books… really. E-Books and tablets are new, and the concept of replacing text books in schools is so ‘radical’? I believe not. I wrote about e-Books and putting them in schools over a year ago. The benefits of using tablets in schools are so much better than text books; it’s obvious and the cost of tablets are down so far, it’s very feasible. What it hurts; it hurts the traditional book printers/publishers that are struggling to stay in business. Is Apple strring the pot on this, introducing something new? No, but it has everyone’s attention now.


…and that’s all want to say about this week.


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zemified_c This week in tech - 1/21/2012

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