Jan 17 2012

Site Blackout: LEHSYS is against SOPA

STOP SOPAThis is a notice that tomorrow [January 18th, 2012] LEHSYS will be part of the protest against SOPA and from 8am to 8pm LEHSYS is going to be part of the ‘blackout’.  The repercusions of what SOPA could do to the Internet as we know it could be massive.

Unlike the people who are supposed to be legislating this new bill/law, most of them have never read it. They don’t know what’s in the proposed law, they don’t understand why Internet users are very irritated. All they know is that the entertainment industry has given them a stack of paper [and a whole lot of money] and said make this a law.

The lobbitst for the entertainment industry in Washington has an extraordinary amount influence on the decision making process of laws and this is a just bad; very bad.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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