PaperPort Notes: Nuance offers free application to iPad users

1aptkuh0_thumb PaperPort Notes: Nuance offers free application to iPad users

Today, Nuance has some news that may get some people excited. Nuance has released a complementary application for the iPad. The new option combines the power of Dragon NaturallySpeaking and PaperPort. With the new application, PaperPort users will be able to create/dictate notes and store them in the PaperPort using cloud storage.

PaperPort is already one of the most popular applications for trying to organize your digital library of documents. The application that they’ve released is for the Apple iPad, users are able to capture handwritten, typed and dictated notes. The application also supports saving documents to other cloud services, such as Google docs,, Dropbox and PaperPort Anywhere.

In addition to users being able to create notes with the new application, it also have some of the traditional functions of PaperPort such as annotation, highlighting documents and the ability to combine mobile documents all via the web. The application also takes advantage of a growing trend that seems to be coming around in imaging industry; using cameras as document imaging devices. This application allows the users to take pictures using the built-in digital camera in the iPad, and it saves the document as a PDF [an industry-standard].



nticb0ec_thumb PaperPort Notes: Nuance offers free application to iPad users

Key Features of PaperPort Notes

  • Quickly create typed, handwritten and dictated notes;
  • Annotate and highlight documents and notes, and add sticky notes;
  • Add page-specific audio comments within notes;
  • Combine documents or specific pages from documents stored in cloud-based document sharing services such as Google Docs,, DropBox, Evernote and PaperPort Anywhere
  • Capture content from the Web and using the built-in camera on the Apple iPad 2
  • Reorder, delete and copy pages, add/edit bookmarks;
  • Search and navigate quickly through notes;
  • Share documents and notes as industry-standard PDF using email, as well as cloud-based document sharing services



Nuance PaperPort Notes supporting English is currently available as a free download in the Apple App Store at

By offering this application [formerly Noterize] to existing PaperPort users, using the PaperPort anywhere option, really builds on the power and flexibility of the initial PaperPort offering.

Anyone that uses PaperPort on a regular basis, in a desktop environment, realize the importance of being able to organize your electronic documents and information for easy retrieval. It’s easier, efficient and saves a lot of money; this application just builds on that— and the price is great.

To business professionals, having the ability to synchronize your important documents to the Internet using PaperPort Anywhere, other cloud storage options and being able to organize on the go will almost certainly be invaluable.

The release of the Nuance application seems to be targeted at the iPad at this time, but I would suspect that ultimately we could expect to see and android version of this application as well.



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