Jan 23 2012

MegaUpload brings the consequence of ‘cloud’ storage home… again.

viy0vpvo_thumb MegaUpload brings the consequence of 'cloud' storage home… again.

Cloud storage is something that a lot of companies are trying to get into and there’s plenty of benefit to support the fact that ‘cloud’ storage is beneficial; it’s one of the biggest things that Windows 8 is going to be bringing to the next iteration of the operating system.

But if you’re watching the news last week you may have noticed a story about MegaUpload. MegaUpload is a file hosting service that used to host pretty much any type of file online for their users/customers.

The quick summary of the story is that MegaUpload was known for storing and hosting a lot of copyrighted material, and the company says that they had policies against hosting copyrighted material or pirated software.

But nevertheless, the website was shut down by the US government. they were able to do this by linking monetary transactions from MegaUpload to consumers in the United States; saying since MegaUpload had done business with customers and had exchange monies; United States government have the right to extradite the founders and those who operated MegaUpload— MegaUpload has been shut down and several people associated with the operations of the website have been arrested, awaiting trial in the United States.

This action has already caused a reaction by another prominent filesharing service called FileSonic. FileSonic is already disabled their filesharing functions, restricting file share functions to only those members who have accounts with them.

In addition to MegaUpload being shut down, it also brings to light that there were some legitimate users using MegaUpload services.

Now that the website has been shut down, and all the content from the website being confiscated, some people have found themselves completely without the backup files, or their day-to-day required information just to function.  Ars reported on this problem about two days ago… People on twitter were appealing to the FBI to release the personal files so they can get back to wor, but I’m sure that the FBI has no inclination whatsoever in trying to help any members of MegaUpload.

And this brings to light the consequences of using ‘cloud’ storage for your files. Becoming too dependent on ‘cloud’ storage can play shoot an awkward situation; perhaps shutting you down completely.

You might say the ripple effect started last year with DropBox, when they changed their privacy policy. Basically saying that if the officials or authorities came knocking on their door wanting to see what you had stored in your DropBox account, that they would do that. This was really disruptive to DropBox and it started users thinking about what they use DropBox for…

And those individuals who are using MegaUpload for personal file storage, should’ve taken notice last year in February, when googles e-mail service went down. While ‘cloud’ storage is nice, it shows that you should keep a personal backup on-site with you just in case.

I still prefer a good ole’ External Hard Drive and/or a jumpdrive to store data…’cloud’ storage is great stuff that you can stand to lose.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

zemified_c MegaUpload brings the consequence of 'cloud' storage home… again.

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