Google’s Chrome Continues To Blaze A Trail

ytzgzaa0_thumb Google's Chrome Continues To Blaze A TrailI remember when I wrote an article about the very progressive climb of Chrome; how version 28 was coming in just 2 years. I continue to be impressed with the level of performance of Chrome and how well, it’s done in such a short time. And we still have time to see if v28 of Chrome will make it to the market on time. [very exciting]

Even Firefox has become a casualty of the ‘browser wars’ and some how Google found it in their good will efforts to keep Firefox alive, but I believe that’s to ensure Internet Explorer dies completely. And it’s no surprise that Internet Explorer is losing more and more market share by the day. I still consider Internet Explorer to be the least insecure web browser on the market. Even with Microsoft stating that Internet Explorer is the most secure; those numbers are certainly biased.

Microsoft should know by now, you can’t moving forward to events that test the security of the web browser and have your browser hacked in 30 seconds; you can’t say it’s secure. Now, Firefox was hacked too, but not in the same amount of time and not as easy. Chrome has been the MOST secure browser on the market and the most aggressive. Not only on security, but development.

I was reminded the other day when some old friends that were a bit unsavvy about the computer age were asking for assistance. They were having issues with accessing sites, media and questioning security; I immediately told them to drop Internet Explorer and move to something more of Chrome or Firefox.

I’ve been a Firefox fan for a very long time, but I also recognize the issues with Firefox and the memory problems it has. It’s very irritated some progress, but it’s really falling behind fast. It’s primary goal, which really isn’t possible to do, is to keep up with Google’s Chrome. It’s all but difficult to believe. With the staff of Mozilla vs. the staff and energy of Google— I’m not able to see it. And the version number from Firefox; moving so fast without a major progression; it’s the same thing Microsoft did when it was attempting to compete with Netscape. Microsoft release version after version just so they could say Internet Explorer 3 and Netscape 4…

Opera is a good browser too, but I don’t use it regularly; only for testing. But to each his own; really anything other than Internet Explorer is a better choice. Opera continues to put out good releases and the browser itself is fast; I like it.

Another friend was telling me that we was an user of Internet Explorer because he sold Microsoft equipment, which was staggering. I understand the concept of wanting to stand behind a product and the stuff you sell, but on a personal level you know that it’s not secure to do that. I wanted to switch browsers for him… [That’s really funny!]

Ultimately, I believe the clear winner is going to be Chrome… it has the momentum and the backing to keep running strong, but also knowing that Chrome is going to be MUCH more than a browser— it’s going to be an emulator, giving users a rich, very rich experience while surfing the web… it won’t be long now.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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zemified_c Google's Chrome Continues To Blaze A Trail

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