Jan 17 2012

Google+ hangouts: Odd settings

1xz34s4nPeople are always using functions and website and rarely ever really dig in to the settings for those websites; that goes for other sites like Facebook and Google, but today I was starting my Google+ hangout and saw the options for the camera.

The layout of Google+ hangouts has changed a bit, so it makes good sense to check on them periodically. What I found in the settings was odd…

To me it seemed retro; it was a connection speed selection…

From the Google+ hangouts main sreen, typically on the right hand side. You’ll see the option to Start A Hangout…


Option for the settings is right there when you begin it…tqyzieyp

The selection waws for wither FAST CONNECTION or SLOW CONNECTION. I would have figured that by this time the way the Internet is the web applications of today would be detecting that option for you; especially from the old Internet users.

I wouldn’t really expect that option to stay there very long; I woulld expect to see a speed detection and optimization to be built right in to Google+ hangouts.

And if you are ever wondering, yes you need a plug-in to use Google+ hangouts with the browser. I enjoy the Google+ hangouts, they’re fun and the quality is good.

So, the point of the story is— don’t forget to check your settings.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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