Facebook [in]Security Should Concern You…

zf0ugwvp_thumb Facebook [in]Security Should Concern You…With over 800,000+ members in Facebook, you would think that Facebook would have better safeguards in place to protect the members, but one thing Facebook continues to do is put members information and security risk by not taking proper measures.

Facebook failed to properly implement games and other applications with Facebook, exposing members information and private data to third party members that shouldn’t have ever been allowed to gain access to it.

All Facebook ever does is simply say, “I’m sorry” and things just seem to move forward from there.

Initially, it’s concerning with other people you know post updates on Facebook to say that their accounts been hacked, or the posts are being placed in their names and they’re not the ones who are creating them. at first, I’ll blame the individual for having the information stolen because they’re playing with Facebook games or applications; knowing that Facebook is really not doing their diligence on the backside. They’re just hoping that the members control themselves and continue to have a good time.

But the people who were visiting Facebook, they’re getting in fights from other individuals to play games, use applications . They don’t really know what’s happening in the background and that’s where I place blame on Facebook. Facebook should have some mechanism, some architecture, in the background that protects members privacy and information.

It wasn’t until recently that I saw that Facebook has started to make some adjustments to where applications and games were now being limited on the information they can collect from Facebook; it’s ridiculous. Facebook is just now getting around to protecting their members private information.

And something that was just posted yesterday, a worm virus stole 45,000 Facebook members login information; to infect the friends of those individuals.

The even more side to this, is that most people use the same passwords on just about every PC, every application and every access point where they use a computer. Once these IDs and passwords are stolen they should be considered highly volatile. The more IDs and the more passwords that can be collected; that just adds more ammunition to the programs that’s sole purpose is to hack peoples accounts and to break into corporate networks.

One thing Facebook could do is have an option on every story entry, every post injury that has a URL link; have an option to report the link as abusive or malicious, and from there Facebook should be able to shut down that URL link for everyone that it was shared to… that would be a quick way to try to control a situation where members of being infected by visiting a website that is phishing for information.

This is an example of a Facebook entry/story [it’s not malicious]…

bzxgv2ul_thumb Facebook [in]Security Should Concern You…

An option to report this link as malicious would be very easy to implement. Facebook would be able to recognize this post and the URL and be able to shut this link down, or remove it to avoid other members from being infected or being victimized.

Facebook’s track record for security simply shows that their lackadaisical attitude toward personal security, private information and account control has always been an afterthought; a knee-jerk reaction every time a member becomes a victim. For this very reason, this is why people who join Facebook or use Facebook on a regular basis should not use the games, sign up for applications or deviate from the main form because you don’t know what Facebook is sharing with third parties and apparently Facebook is not checking for viruses on their network/website.

The next time you’re on Facebook, and you decide to start a new game or use a new application with Facebook, think about the possibilities of having your information stolen in a being used against you; or with the repercussions would be for the numerous accounts where you use the same password [I know you do].


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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