Jan 16 2012

AutoHotKey: MyLittleHelper – Making tech life easier

wh1xguci_thumb AutoHotKey: MyLittleHelper - Making tech life easier

This is a fairly short post, but it’s really to the point. The power of AutoHotKey continues to impress and be incredibly useful. If you know how to use AutoHotKey, you know exactly what I’m discussing. I use AutoHotKey in just about everything I do… and just about everything I write.

I’m a person that has a fascination with words, alternate words and learning new words. So the other day I found myself jumping back-and-forth with Dictionary.com, Thesaurus.com, Google Translate and just doing some standard Google searches.

The epiphany was to write a quick set of code to help me out.. I just wanted to share this.

So, the goal was to automate the process of copying the text and then pasting it to the websites I was using the most… The way this works; I would highlight the text and then use the key combination to launch the options.

For me, I was using the Windows key + left-click… you could change it to what ever suits your needs.

wh1xguci_thumb1 AutoHotKey: MyLittleHelper - Making tech life easier

From this point, I can choose an option and the selected text is copied and then sent to the Internet to be researched/queried; or whatever you’d like to do with it.

For this example I chose the Dictionary [Dictionary.com]…

1j1oxibg_thumb AutoHotKey: MyLittleHelper - Making tech life easier

Obviously, you can change the website you’d like to use with some small code changes…The browser that’s used is going to be whatever your default browser is; there’s no designation there.


Here’s the AutoHotKey Code…

send ^c
Menu,convert,Add,&Google Translate,dttransla
menu,convert,add, &Google Search,dtGSearch
Traytip, MyLittleHelper, Dictionary search
run, http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/%clipboard%
Traytip, MyLittleHelper, Thesaurus search
run, http://thesaurus.com/browse/%clipboard%
traytip, MyLittleHelper, Google Translate`n%clipboard%… 
run, http://translate.google.com/#auto|en|%clipboard%
sleep, 3000
traytip, MyLittleHelper, Google Seaarch`n%clipboard%…
run, https://www.google.com/search?q=%clipboard%
sleep, 2000


As you can see, it’s not complicated… You can take this, drop it right in to an autohotkey script and your set.

But for the purposes of convenience, I’ve compiled it and put it in to an executable…

download AutoHotKey: MyLittleHelper - Making tech life easier 

MyLittleHelper [205k – EXE] 

download AutoHotKey: MyLittleHelper - Making tech life easier


I hope this helps…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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  • David

    Brilliant! Not sure when I'll use it, but keep it as a backup. This would have come in handy a while back. Cheers!

  • Cool.. Glad to help…
    You might like this then too. http://www.lehsys.com/2012/07/autohotkey-tracking

    I appreciate it…


    My recent post How HUD glasses are making the world nerdy…

  • John LeBlanc

    this is very nice but I was able to get it to work only once. Most of the time, pressing #lbutton simply activates the Start menu in Windows 7. I tried to reassign the code to #!w but it doesn't run; no error message, just a Windows notification sound. Any idea how I can get this to work?

    • Sorry to hear you had problems; I use it a lot and don't have any issues— it might be the type of keyboard. Not sure. I typically, hold the Windows key down and then click. The start menu never comes in to play.
      You could reassign the function to a key you never use, like the 'break key' or {pause}. It's an option… Thanks for commenting…


  • John LeBlanc

    Thanks. Tried it again with the .exe now works fine; not sure what I was doing before. I tried re-assigning a key in the script but for some reason, I couldn't get the script to work. I'll just stick with your .exe version. It's a brilliant and non-intrusive addon.

    • Thanks— I'll think about adding more to it later.