Twitter is just a dead bird to me…

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Twitter is one of those phenomenons that seems to be very valuable to a demographic of people the have a level of narcissism and enjoy every point and opportunity to post everything of their life onto Twitter. Anyone who has a Twitter account created it for specific reason, but created a Twitter account without actually knowing what Twitter is…

Twitter is one of those collections of information that benefits from people putting just about everything they do in their lives into a mixing bowl of random information. This seems kind of funny to me because I don’t understand why people would want to put every single thing about their life online into a mixing bowl that’s unfocused. But then you have to take into account the other individuals on Twitter, or just looking for some random stuff, just off-the-wall stuff, to read. It’s entertaining to think about.

But on a general level, if you have anything to say that really means anything, it’s hard to put those thoughts into a statement with only 140 characters. Somehow, you have to make your statement compressed enough to fit in a small space and still be cohesive.

The efforts of trying to do something like that can be entertaining because words get shortened, letters get left out of words and abbreviations for other actions are born. Sometimes trying to read a Twitter post require some sort of decoder ring or cypher degree..

My overall experience with Twitter hasn’t been positive.

I don’t see the overall importance or benefit from Twitter. The only way that people seem to be making a difference with Twitter is if they have a massive number of followers and without followers to your Twitter account anything that you post on Twitter just goes out to a huge void.

I started out my Twitter account because my friends had Twitter accounts, and initially it was fun to post random thoughts and information to Twitter just to see what my friends would say. Then I created a Twitter account for my website, because that’s what you need to do if you have a website, you have to have a Twitter account for your website. Again, having a Twitter account for my website has not been beneficial. I see no benefits, no advantages and no extra traffic to my website by using Twitter, so it’s not advantageous.

In my case, having a Twitter account is more of a detriment than anything.

I receive many e-mails a day telling me about all the new followers that I have on Twitter, but are not new followers, they’re just a bunch of spammers trying to get you to automatically follow them back on their Twitter accounts. It’s stupid. The routine seems to be that anyone with a new twitter account is supposed to just go out and follow random individuals, and then immediately unfollow them.

Whatever Twitter was supposed to be the beginning, it’s turned into nothing but a bunch of spam and crap.

Services like Facebook and Google+ will eventually take over Twitter; running it out of town, because the service really just isn’t developed enough to handle the true social needs of the people who want to share information.

Limiting everything that you want to say, that’s worth saying, into 140 characters is ridiculous; and a waste of time. And Twitter has shown over the years that they’re not interested in updating the user interface for Twitter; they leave that to other individuals and companies, and once those interfaces have been developed— they simply purchase those companies.

For now, I’ll keep my Twitter account for LEHSYS, because it’s what you’re supposed to do if you have a website; it’s possible someone might find a story on my website interesting enough to click on it from Twitter, but that just hasn’t been the case so far.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

zemified_c Twitter is just a dead bird to me…

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