Amazon Attacks Brick-And-Mortar -In their own Stores

zlzlkd3j_thumb Amazon Attacks Brick-And-Mortar -In their own StoresIn a surprising move, that’s not really that surprising, but is now actually being used as a marketing campaign; Amazon is now encouraging customers; they’re requesting potential customers to utilize their proprietary bar-code-scanning application to assist in the collection intelligence on in-store pricing. It’s EVIL, and genius! And it has Brick-And-Mortar stores in a full anger blitzkrieg!

But what’s the big deal? There’s been applications like this on iOS and Android phones for years… because this is the first time an online retailer as actually offered incentives to customers for comparing and then shopping online. Genius! [and evil]

I just wrote an article about using the barcode scanner to compare prices and shop online. I believe a lot of people do this, but it’s really like a tool to be informed shoppers; there’s no real incentive afforded to customers to shop with an online retailer, but now that Amazon has just come right out and said it, and did it; boy that really has mom and pop’s pissed at them.

Brick-And-Mortar stores don’t want to the show room for products that no one is going to purchase there; at their store.

So now, not only is Amazon trying curve customers to online sales, they have basically enlisted millions of product researchers. Researchers that are going to go to every store they know of and compare prices, for free, for Amazon to know where and how much products are selling for— to beat the local Brick-And-Mortars! It’s genius [and evil]

Sam Hall stated, director of Amazon Mobile:

We scour online and in-store advertisements from other retailers, every day, year-round. Now, we are enabling customers to use the Price Check app to share in-store prices while they search for the best deals.

But what does this say about the traditional consumer market; this is some radical thinking by someone. This is using technology to its potential and simply using the tools that are there for free.


Amazon’s Price Check application is open for consumption for iPhone and Android, and if you’re utilizing it to transfer data over to Amazon during the promotion, you get 5 percent, or up to $5 off, on three items. That’s up to $15… whoa.

I see why Brick-And-Mortar stores are pissed, but I also see that given the opportunity and resources Amazon has, they’d have done this too. It’s greed; nothing more. Retailers [Brick-And-Mortar and online] are fighting over the holiday dollars; it’s that simple.

Google has their Google shopper and theirs applications to do price checks… this is just an ingenious way to encourage competitive shopping and for Amazon to get a ton of price comparison data for free.

I believe this is going to change the face of shopping for Brick-And-Mortar stores and I wouldn’t doubt stores may start adopting a policy to keep customers [if they see them] from using the barcode applications in their stores; it’s possible.

Prices applications:

download Amazon Attacks Brick-And-Mortar -In their own Stores

Android Version

download Amazon Attacks Brick-And-Mortar -In their own Stores

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zemified_c Amazon Attacks Brick-And-Mortar -In their own Stores

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