Rant: DVD and Blu-Ray Pirates may have the right idea.

hdu0pou4_thumb Rant: DVD and Blu-Ray Pirates may have the right idea.For the most part, I’m not condoning their actions, but I’m starting to understand some of their methods and reasoning…

I have reflections back to when DVD’s first came on to the market; replacing VHS. There was this massive marketing effort, just as there’s now about getting customers to go from DVD to Blu-Ray. And to this point they still have not convinced me to replace my entire DVD collection; just to upgrade to Blu-Ray.

And my prediction is that there’s not going to be any disc’s after Blu-Ray; it’s going to be streaming video over the Internet. I say this because that’s the world of technology, it changes so fast and obviously, it’s cheaper than shipping DVD and Blu-Ray discs all over the place, and less people to employ.

But pirates have been a driving voice on how people get and consume media. And videos/movies are just one. Movies have been downloaded since someone figured out how to rip a DVD. From there, you had Netflix and iTunes and all the other ‘streaming’ services.

An the other day I was just appalled with this one DVD I rented; ‘The Change-Up’…

bbdlgbuv_thumb Rant: DVD and Blu-Ray Pirates may have the right idea.

I rented the DVD from a video store, probably one of the last ones, and as I was getting ready to watch the movie, there was two main things that just seriously irritated me to death…

  1. I couldn’t fast forward through the trailers; so that was 20 minutes wasted. And I know about the tricks to jump over these; nothing worked.
  2. When it came time to watch the movie; it asked if I wanted the R rating or the unrated version— I chose the unrated version; It would NOT let me watch the unrated version. It popped up this message that said I’d have to BUY the Blu-Ray version to see the unrated version. WTF?!

So, not only did I waste 20 minutes on previews, I had no choice in the version of the movie to watch.

I can recall when advertising and marketing for DVD’s used to promise the high quality video and sound, and also, the movie extras, behind the scenes and stuff like how the movie was made— you don’t get that anymore. It’s another thing that just fell through and became acceptable.

It’s no wonder why pirates do what they do with music and videos; it’s because they get seriously irritated at how they’re being treated, or have different ideas on how things should be done and take matters in to their own hands.

I was really upset with tactics like this, but I can see it’s just another reason to push customers to Blu-Ray and streaming media. For the most part, I believe it stinks. I rented the movie, I should be able to watch any version I choose, but the movie studios just have to put that extra ‘jab’ in there to push you.

If I had self the movie was worth purchasing; I’d like to think I could jump over the trailers if I wanted to. Why watch movie trailers that are years old? It’s obtuse. There should always be a ‘fast play’ option if you BUY a DVD or Blu-Ray disc.

But I have a much better idea WHY pirates do it now…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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