Nov 14 2011

PaperPort 14: Batch Converting MAX files to PDF [easy]

4szlq4tl_thumb PaperPort 14: Batch Converting MAX files to PDF [easy]This is a post for the use of the PaperPort application to convert the MAX files to PDF. Nuance decided with the release of v14 that they’d start using PDF files as a standard; which is good, since they now have a strong offering for a PDF viewer.

A lot of users have complained about the lack of conversion tools for MAX files, and MAX files for the most part are completely non-standard and the only way to read MAX files is with the PaperPort MAX file viewer; something that’s just not very fun to deal with. But I believe after Nuance listened to to their customer base, they furnished a batch converter.

I haven’t been able to find this converter on the Nuance website via a http page or FTP; I just can’t find it. And it maybe because they want customers to upgrade to v14 and as part of that, get the conversion tool. I don’t know; but seems logical. Although, I don’t see them offering this, because the option to make the converted PDF seaarchable, and I don’t know if that’s something that’d be backwards compatible…

But I have this video for you to watch…

Yeah, so there’s 3 main files to support it… I believe.

image_thumb PaperPort 14: Batch Converting MAX files to PDF [easy]

And it’s possible that you could muck with the system enough [with registry entries, folders and registering DLL’s]  to make the conversion program work, but from my initial testing, you can’t just take the 3 files from the PaperPort folder, put them on a jumpdrive and run it; there’s errors.

So, if you have PaperPort 14 you have the converter and you can effortlessly now convert all your MAX files to PDF.

Update 11/15/2011:
I inquired with Nuance about the possibility to offer the conversion program as a download from their site and the response was ‘…The utility requires PaperPort 14 as a prerequisite utilizing much of its technology under the hood for the conversion process and therefore cannot be installed independently.’ — So this means the conversion application will only be provided with v14 of PaperPort.


I hope this helps…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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  • Wendy

    Maybe you can help–I’m getting desparate. I can’t get my Paperport 12 to work properly with my HP 5590 scanner. I want to scan thru Paperport, not HP. So now I get an error message that either Ppt can’t communicate with my “device” or the scanner is in use by another program.

    Thank you.

    • I hear people complaining about PaperPort, but I have no issues with my version. But to your point, Hewlett Packard used to have a feature for power savings on their scanners, something controlled by the software. I would think about turning that off for testing purposes; second, did you try the twain and WIA drivers for the scanners- do either make a difference? Does the scanner only work with the Hewlett Packard software? And lastly, ensure you are using the latest scanner drivers.

      I hope this helps…

  • I have Paperport 11Standard Edition on my Win 7 OS desktop (previously ran fine when I had Vista installed) and I also use Paperport 9 Pro running on a laptop. I don't have any problems with their pieces of software. I've thought about upgrading to Paperport 14 standard or pro, but I was scared away by the reviews I saw on Amazon. I don't want to plop down $99 for an upgrade that has bugs. Even worse, the reviews of their customer service are terrible. I really depend upon the Paperport software to make my life much easier…but I think I'm going to wait until Paperport 15 and check the reviews again before I upgrade.

    • Obviously, everyone needs to weigh their judgement on the current version is worth the update or not. And Nuance does have some work to do in the customer service department; the product can be great, but if the customer service is bad— it can really kill it.

      Thanks for your comments…

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