Now when you visit DOWNLOAD.COM, be careful… here’s why.

4mgqhrcj_thumb Now when you visit DOWNLOAD.COM, be careful… here's why.I detest spam and malware and any application that requires you to install or download another application to be able to install another one. This does nothing but make me irritated. I understand the concept of advertising, but I wonder if these people ever really think about what their doing… but that’s the applications…

Now, I haven’t visited CNET’s in a while, but I was referred there by a website to download an app for some testing and for the most part has always been a safe haven for being able to download files and KNOW that they were clean and safe and there’s absolutely nothing to worry about there.

Yesterday, that opinion of them changed, sharply… here’s why.

They have decided that the right thing to do for them, on top of advertising, was to generate a downloader for each and every application they provide to people that visit their website. Of course, I realize that these so-called web installation applications are being built on-the-fly, but it’s just disgusting.

So, you can’t download the file you want, you have to download the downloader from CNET.

5grlzccu_thumb Now when you visit DOWNLOAD.COM, be careful… here's why.

Here’s where CNET/ wants to install a toolbar on your system, on to your browser, set your default search engine to BING [which is worthless as a search engine] and make MSN my home page. This is just more crap to go through to get a file.

ryzwj0u1_thumb Now when you visit DOWNLOAD.COM, be careful… here's why.


I understand the concept of being able to OPT out of something like this too… but anyone that’s in the tech, in to the techie world, most people don’t read this stuff and they just click on NEXT all the way through a process, just to get to a certain point, or to get that file.

rnovrn2z_thumb Now when you visit DOWNLOAD.COM, be careful… here's why.

Once the installation is done; the damage is done, now it’s left up to people like me the mesh with my family and friends to figure out where they got this darn stuff and then remove it, change it, update it and get it back to the way they understood it.

I see this process CNET has here as nothing more than spam and malware. I’m not able to believe they’d fall so far to get to this point. Microsoft must have paid them a lot of money to push their services like this.

People can choose to opt-out of this, but they have to notice it first…


And here’s the kicker… first, CNET/ is hitting you with install this to download this file; most people are just going to accept, thinking they have to accept this to download the file(s)… So now, they have this new homepage, search engine and toolbar loaded they didn’t know they wanted.

But let’s say that, I downloaded an app that had another prompt about loading toolbars and home pages and search engines… now, an unsuspecting person is getting hit with a double whammy on one download from CNET.

Not funny at all…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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