Crushing IPad- That’s what the Android operating system is doing.

rmws5erb_thumb Crushing IPad- That's what the Android operating system is doing.This holiday season advertisers are pushing everything and nothing seems to be more popular than tech and gadget items. And what’s absent from a lot of advertisements [from what I’ve observed] is the iPad.

The iPad has been the staple standard for tablet PC’s for an over extended period of time, everything is compared to the iPad; it IS the de facto standard by which every tablet PC is measured. It’s always the same thing, here’s the new tablet PC; and here’s the same thing compared to the iPad. It’s a silly game…

The Android market and the iOS market have thousands of games and applications; and evenly matched developers are as well. So the game isn’t what does the iPad have vs. the other; we’re talking specifications and hardware levels now. And if you are talking that, you are talking ‘losing side’ for the iPad.

It’s all about dominance in the market. In the 3Q Android rocked the Smartphone world; it was the leader, by far, of anyone else.

b0hsotat_thumb Crushing IPad- That's what the Android operating system is doing.

These numbers show that Android is the leader and with so many Android enabled devices; it makes sense to stay with a like device and operating system. So, this brings me to the other point; which is that I’m not seeing a lot of iPads [if any] in the adverts pages, but I’m seeing A LOT of Android based tablets/eReaders. And from there it easy to deduce what people are going with, and what’s the right choice for them.

The Kindle Fire is the hot topic this Christmas season, and rightfully so. It has everything that a person could want in a tablet PC and it has a very attractive price as well.

There’s been plently of articles about the Kindle Fire and some compare it to the iPad and others are stating that’s not the way to rate this item. Although the items are very close in overall use.

So, while the iPad continues to stand in a solitary corner, seemingly happy, to say I’m the original and I’m the best; it’s simply being out worked by all the Android versions that are coming out. I’ll concede that the Android versions perhaps not be as polished as the iPad in some respects, but what people are, and will be, buying them for; the average consumer is going to save about $300 in making the choice from an Apple iPad.

I would love to hear back from you guys [in the comments section] on whether or not you have an iPad or an android tablet… and  why…

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