Nov 21 2011

All the Apple talk is about Siri

4w0pnipl_thumb All the Apple talk is about SiriA lot of emphasis on the iPhone 4S has been about the voice recognition application called Siri. And while I would happen to agree with the ‘cool’ level of the application and the level of integration; it’s not been without it’s problems and downsides.

And in all fairness, Siri is really cool and the level at which it integrates with the emails, Instant Messenger, Facebook and other base functions; it has no equal right now in the Android world. as I’ve mentioned before, I think it all comes down to the level of recognition; it’s a level of recognition is good, then the application builders can respond based upon good input.

The marketing of Siri has been just absolutely phenomenal. The way the function of Siri has been put into the I the public is that voice-recognition is cool; and voice-recognition is cool, but now it’s being put more into the mainstream. People are more willing to play with the phones and talk with their phones. I think it’s more of the ability to say something to advice and hopefully get back the correct answer. but the idea of speaking to your phone and getting an answer back is not really a new technology. T-Mobile has been doing this since they had the genie button on their phones; which was nothing more than Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the android platform, except they didn’t have a diverse level of handling user input.

I find that Apple always seems to find a way to remind me of the jerks they can be. My point being, Siri will not be available to the previous versions of the iPhone. And considering the base amount of processing that Siri actually uses; I don’t understand why they wouldn’t let their users have Siri. And if those same users were using Android Smartphones they woulld have gotten the voice recognition features on all Android operating systems. by Apple making this move, it seemed nothing more than a ploy to make older iPhone users upgrade. Most likely they were going to upgrade anyway, but the fact that Apple is not going to allow Siri to be on previous versions of the iPhone, it just seems like one of those jerk moves.

Having an application like Siri is just so attractive people because it’s new and interesting, and people want to know how the function works. And for the most part everyone knows that you speak to your phone, as recorded, sent to a data center to be processed, and then send back your phone as translated text. Apple has been playing the role of security control since Siri came out. Just after a few weeks after Siri was released, security flaws were found in the application that gave people access to the phone directly even if the phone was locked. All users had to do was simply press the button at the bottom of the phone and Siri would come up; bypassing the built-in security features of the iPhone.



The latest news about Siri is that the protocol that Siri uses to communicate with the data centers and translate information has been hacked. someone has uncovered the protocol on how Siri communicates; effectively being able to bypass the security protocols that prevent other devices from using Siri. reported that the protocol was being worked on and that there was evidence that they could make this work on any platform. So far, I haven’t seen any examples of using Siri on any other platforms except for the iPhone.

In addition to people being able to sniff the Siri traffic, a developer has already created a ‘Siri proxy’ to control the thermostat inside his house. This goes back to my earlier statement that is just a matter of doing the proper recognition, getting good results on the front side and then being able to handle that statement and turn it into action. That developer has been this by adding a series of commands that could control his thermostat.


If there’s more developers like this willing to step forward and create more robust applications for Siri in this manner, there’s a very good possibility that Siri could possibly answer all the questions on the planet. It’s just a matter of understanding the questions and then being able to provide the proper answers. There’s millions of websites that give plenty of resource material; like Wikipedia.

If the Siri application was curated to the point where he could answer such questions directly, this would be a huge dent to Google. Google’s premise for making money is advertising and showing advertising during search results. If Siri can search Google, get the answer, but never show any advertising— that’s a scary thought to Google. And with another recent article, Eric Schmidt of Google, confirmed that Siri has the potential to change the landscape of how people search for information and that it could have an adverse effect on Google overall.

It’s starting to look like people are really starting to understand the power of voice-recognition applications. in the overall feeling is that it’s exciting to know that voice-recognition has come so far to fit in a person’s hand, be able to ask a question and then have it give you an answer…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 



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