2011 Holiday shopping online – be Froogle’r

53ixzuxk_thumb 2011 Holiday shopping online - be Froogle'r

Have you ever visited Google’s shopping website? with the new interface it has? It’s really nice. And as everyone gets ready to charge the stores for Black Friday’s shopping specials, it’s nice to have fall back options…

My wife is really big in to shopping, as most women are, but for them it’s an art, a competetion. It’s not just to shop but to be able to take home that one thing and say, “I only spent X dollars on this…” — I like to take a different approach; cause I’m mostly in to tech, toys and gadgets— I like to do more research.

So, here’s my example, I recently purchased a Logitech G510 illuminated keyboard. My wife convienently broke the last one by forcefully removing the space bar [thanks honey] after my son had spilled some ‘drink’ on it. Understandably, it was good intentions, but… So I went in search of a new keyboard. And I thought I found a good one. I found a local business that had one and I went to go try it out— you know, hands on…

I liked it so, I used my Android phone to scan the barcode… Most Android phones have access to the barcode application where you can scan the barcode of the product and then it’ll track down information on the item or the closest retailer, and even the lowest price.

Well, I’ve been doing this a lot lately and it seems to work out good for me. Back to my example, I found the keyboard I wanted for $120; I actually bought it for $59 online. I saved 50% on the purchase because I did a little research… I didn pay for shipping, but that cost was acceptable because of the savings.

I did the same thing with another item recently with an usb sharing device/adapter. I went through very similar steps and got great results.

BUt honestly, it’s coming up on Black Friday. Every competitive shopper is going to be out; it’s nuts, but they want those deals.

And to be clear… I’m not waiting in lines or camping out in front of Best Buy, or some department store; that’s crazy. And typically, those types of situautions and events aren’t well planned and it could be more trouble and frustration when you ‘barganed’ for… I believe it’s better to smart smarter and avoid the traffic and the rush…


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It’s imporant to plan out your attacks [your ‘strategery’] when your talking about Black Friday. Chances are you won’t be able to hit all of them and that shopping window is only open for a short period.

You can check out the deals on BlackFriday.com or BFAds.net where you can search for everything that’s going to be on sale on Friday. Both sites offer mailing lists to be updated on anything and everything.

Don’t be afraid to Google and be Froogle…
Happy Holidays!


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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