Oct 14 2011

Voice Recognition: Language Translation between iPhone/Nuance vs Android/Google

image_thumb-png Voice Recognition: Language Translation between iPhone/Nuance vs Android/GoogleVoice-recognition is one of my top points of interest. I just finished writing a post about voice-recognition and having computers talkback. The key point to having computers talkback or to ask questions and have them answered by computer is having the recognition understand the questions properly.

Recently there was a convention that displayed new technologies from startups, and one of those startups was called Vocre. Vocre has a mission to convert spoken language, into other languages, using your smart phone as a translator. Vocre was using Nuance‘s voice-recognition system [used with Dragon NaturallySpeaking] to understand what the person was saying, convert that the text, and then translate the text into another language and then have that language spoken aloud to the other person.

The concept seems pretty simple, voice-recognition, convert to text, read the text… but if you’re an individual who’s been using android phone lately, you realize how good the voice-recognition is getting the Google. Google is starting to integrate voice-recognition into just about everything that they’re doing.

Pretty much all android phones have voice-recognition built into the operating system; so it was just a matter of time before Google was able to produce something similar to what Vocre was doing…

Here’s a Vocre video:

In the video above, they’re using the iPhone and the application is using Nuance’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice-recognition software. With their example, they’re using gestures with the phone to segment the conversation to try to make the translation process easier.

Below Google has decided to come out with their own translation application for android, but the user interface is not as developed or refined as Vocre. But to my knowledge, Google is not charging users for the application and users are not charged per translation; which I believe that is the case with Vocre.

Here’s Google Translate video:


Google translate is the application for Google. Vocre indicates that they have plans to be able to do in conversation translationsover the phone; which would be something awesome witness. Obviously these two battling applications are in the early stages of voice-recognition, speech to text and using text to speech technologies [electronic voices].

Vocre offers the ability to understand nine differet dialects; English Great Britain Australia Spanish French German Italian Japanese and Chinese. And they have plans to add 40+ more languages over the next year. Google translate for android supports 14 different languages.

But as data connections increase in speed, smartphone processors increase in processing speed, so will the performance of speech recognition with these types of applications.

I look to see a lot more applications using the Google voice recognition engine, simply because the voice-recognition engine from Google is offered for free and the android platform is an open operating system; whereas the iPhone is a little more restrictive.

You can download and try both from here…

Android – Google Translate Vocre


This should be exciting to see develop…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

zemified_c Voice Recognition: Language Translation between iPhone/Nuance vs Android/Google

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