Nuance is now the preferred input method for Smartphones

55kaywbc_thumb Nuance is now the preferred input method for SmartphonesThere’s been some exciting things happening at Nuance; or for Nuance. A couple of months ago Nuance announced an SDK for utilizing their speech recognition engine, but the problem was that Nuance was charging a war chest to interface with/or use the speech recognition engine.

But now that Nuance has changed their mind and has allowed developers to access the speech recognition engine for free, this really has developers on-the-fly creating new applications and functions for various smartphones.

This ranges from android, iOS and Windows Mobile 7. Nuance is finally taking the position they should’ve taken back in January. Giving developers the access to freely use the recognition engine. this would have promoted Nuances speech recognition much faster and pretty much more applications in the market that could utilize speech recognition on a high level.

From there, we’re looking at applications and functions now being delivered for the new iPhone, android, Windows 7, and various integrations, like with automobiles.

Just recently, Vocre released a new language conversion using Nuances voice recognition engine.  it’s a great execution of voice-recognition in conjunction with language translation, mixed with a high-end speech engine; to convert text to speech. Nuances voice-recognition system is the best on the market, coupling their technology with just about any application is going to be of benefit.

I’ve been reading articles about the release of the iPhone, and how Apple is going to release an application free on the market, as a virtual assistant to iPhone owners; called Siri. The virtual assistant allows you to press the home button on the iPhone and then make common requests, in common speech for things like directions, the weather or where’s the local pizza shop.

And just recently Nuance announced they had acquired Swype, for close to $100 million.

Which puts them in a great place. A great place because they can start working to be the worlds input method. They can handle keyboard, Swype’ing and more importantly [going forward] voice recognition. The acquistion of Swype was the right thing to do.

Swype is the preferred method of text input on Smartphones now. Allowing people to text other people in second by simply moving their fingers over the touch keyboard and letting the Smartphone ‘figure out’ what your attempting to say. And in most cases the application just gets smarter as you use it. It saves so much time in not haivng to actually fin the keys and press them, but simply moving the direction and then on to the next letter. It’s an ingenious concept.

but Nuance already has an android application [FlexT9 keyboard] for voice recognition and a ‘Swype’ interface, but now they don’t have to do that; they can let Swype [the group] concentrate on Swype and they [Nuance] can get back to perfecting their voice recognition systems.

This puts Nuance on top of the hill has the preferred input option for all Smartphones. Coupled with their new licensing for using the Dragon NaturallySpeaking voice recognition engine; I’ll expect to see a lot of NEW applications using voice recognition.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

zemified_c Nuance is now the preferred input method for Smartphones

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