Oct 10 2011

Kwik Media: FREE software to organize your pictures from Nero

vsdaoiwjIn the age of media, it’s important to have something to organize you pictures and other media, but NERO seems to be focusing on the most easy and popular media right now; the massive job of working with images…

But does anyone ever stop and think about images after they’re on a memory card? Not many, and who, or how many of those pictures nowadays actually makes it to print; you know— PRINT. Where it’s actually on a piece of photo paper in good quality for all time? Well, I believe that’s what NERO is attempting to do here with Kwik Media.

There’s options for customers to completely customize their photos and images in to cards, calendars, and books [with themes].

The service they’re offering allows users to organize and sync their images between their PC’s, Androids and their tablets. The images are placed in a library of sorts and then filter them by using a face recognition service they offer.

Once all the images have been collected, organized; they can be put in to several different outputs.

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Books, calendars and cards; although I would never do a calendar [That’s humorous!] The users can choose from an array from pre-selected backgrounds and themes; and those setups can be edited to the users own preferences. Each image that’s placed in the project is automatically centered with the effects you choose.


It’s like an electronic scrap booking tool. And it’s an easy way to ensure your pictures don’t wind up in a memory card somewhere— where no one can see them or enjoy them. [sad]

It’s not limited to just books and cards; you can create DVD and Blu-Ray DVD’s, post photos & videos to Facebook, Flickr, YouTube and other social networks. NERO Kwik Media is a free download and the photo books start at basically $10 [$9.99]…

Check it out here:

Kwik Media


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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