How close is Google+ Hangouts to killing Skype?

image_thumb How close is Google+ Hangouts to killing Skype?Now that Microsoft has Skype, I guess the question is how close is Google+ to killing off Skype as the main form or service used to communicate with other people. I think you have to look at services that Skype offers.

Skype has functions for making phone calls, doing video chats, sharing desktops and doing instant messaging. And that’s what made Skype so popular over the years, was having all these functions and services in one place. Skype has been one of those ubiquitous services that people have been taking advantage of for a long time and not thinking a second thought about it, but since Microsoft is taken over Skype; the future of Skype is really uncertain. And was purchasing Skype a good idea for Microsoft?

From Microsoft’s perspective, purchasing Skype was probably one of the best things they could’ve done, because they purchased a very large customer base and a loyal customer base. This was an easy way for Microsoft to get into telephony and video chat very quickly and then try to take advantage of their technical presence and distribute Skype into just about every product that Microsoft offers.

I would anticipate that applications like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft messenger the Windows operating system in general and probably one of the more important things to do right now, would be to get Skype established on the Windows mobile platform.

But there’s also a problem that I see with Microsoft purchasing Skype; it’s their lumbering methods of supporting applications and developing them. Microsoft seems to be taking a long amount of time on developing anything. Microsoft seems to have lost the ability to turn spontaneously on specific points to keep up with the current trends in technology. I think that’s why Microsoft purchased Skype; just to purchase the customer base.

But now you have to consider someone like Google, that’s able to develop and deploy applications and services almost on a whim.

Over the past couple of months, I have been utilizing Skype and Google+ in my personal time, and simply observing all the functions and features that are available through Google+. And I have to admit that Google already has all the tools they require to replace Skype holistically.

Google+ has Google Voice, they have Google talk and hangouts with Google+ (video chat), and lately with the enhanced features of Google+ they have the ability to share desktops, documents and share sketch pads; to share ideas visually.

It’s not hard to deduce that Google has all the tools to simply replace Skype. And Google seems to be able to do this at no cost to the consumer; Google’s resources seem to be unlimited in this area. Google already has a large customer base, all they have to do now is so a few applications together; combining their services and essentially they could replace Skype overnight.

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