Oct 06 2011

Adobe releases a 64 bit version of Flash- as Flash is going out…

yiicxdd2I was checking out the blog for Adobe and… oh, wha-la! I saw this…


I was looking at this and thinking; oh, good. Just as Adobe Flash is about to go the way of the dodo bird. With everything moving in the direction of HTML5, it makes perfect sense for Adobe to keep pushing bloated  code.

The release of Adobe Flash is a cool thing; if it was 3 years ago, but now Adobe Flash is a technology that the users of the web, and developers are saying aren’t a standard anymore, is bloated, crashes and less important.

Adobe has taken their sweet time; back from when I was posting about it back in 2009..


Adobe Flash’s stability, performance and bloats problems are the same ones that Steve Jobs decided that crap like that wasn’t going to make it to the Apple products that grew to be so insanely popular. And to this point STILL doesn’t work on the iPhone and iPad; and users of those devices don’t seem to really care about Adobe Flash anymore. Technically, it’s not required. HTML5 can do pretty much everyone needs now.

Adobe Flash reports there are improvements; I would doubt them. I would consider it more of a let’s wait until the next version before I actually install it; like any version of Windows new release.

But if you find yourself needing Adobe Flash 64-bit…  you can now download it.


Adobe Flash 64-bit 

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.
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