Xbox Kinect addon: Nyko Zoom

2t3e3b04_thumb Xbox Kinect addon: Nyko ZoomI have a Xbox and just like everyone else, I fight to have the proper amount of space to play Xbox Kinect games in confined spaces; until now.

I have a friend of mine purchase a Nyko Zoom and try it out on his Xbox Kinect system and he’s reporting back it works like a charm.

Reducing the amount of space players need to play games with Xbox Kinect by 40%, and it also gives you more side-to-side space as well because it uses special lenses [wide angle]; allowing players more space next to them to really get in to those big hay makers— hopefully when your boxing the crap out of someone else.

The application of the special lense doesn’t seem to affect the game play of the Xbox Kinect and leaves everyone asking another question; why didn’t Microsoft think about this before they released the Xbox Kinect?

My buddy is reporting that with the lenses on, it works best at about 4-5 feet.

And he’s a lot happier now that he doesn’t have to rearrange the living room furniture each time his and the kids want to play games. It makes perfect sense to me… and it’s now on my shopping list.

Here’s a video of the Nyko Zoom and how it works:


Here’s a link to their website:


It’s basically $30…

Maybe this might help you and your family. Game on people!!


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

zemified_c Xbox Kinect addon: Nyko Zoom

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