The Rebirth of – and in Stacks

wqi3yspv The Rebirth of - and in is one of those bookmarking websites that you find incredibly useful, keeping your bookmarks online with a website like this is much more convenient than trying to keep all of your bookmarks in a web browser, but there really needs to be more to a bookmarking service… and when the YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steve Chen picked up Delicious earlier this year, it’s future wasn’t quite clear, but something needed to change.

Delicious has decided to change up their presentation and making sharing your bookmarks a little more social and friendly; they’re doing this with what they call ‘stacks’. But the stacks are comparable to groups of links that you’re going to share with other people, but what Delicious does with the stacks is what makes it interesting.

Basically, what you’re doing with Delicious and their stacks is being able to take a group of bookmarks, group them together in a presentation type page, in any order you like, even add a title, featured images, comment and write descriptions about each bookmark. Think of it as a dynamic webpage based upon the bookmarks that you have selected/created.

This includes their homepage.. It’s got a whole new look to it. obviously they been paying attention to other websites like Google and Facebook and taking tips on how to make navigation simpler, personalizing the experience with profile pictures and more friendly verbiage.

ihbakz00_thumb The Rebirth of - and in Stacks

Here’s an example video; something that was posted on the website trying to explain the new stacks function…

The new feature is interesting, but I wonder how interesting is going to be in a couple of weeks; what’s going to be the impact? are the changes going to pay off?

I don’t know the changing words like bookmarks to links, and changing groups to stacks is really going to get Delicious back on top of the hill, but it’s clear that Delicious is trying to make changes to be more in step with the social aspects of the Internet now.

I’d like to see a service like this be able to take the stacks page that’s created and be able to embed that directly into a blog post; I think that would be interesting.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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