Sep 27 2011

Suggestions: Free Options For Converting Video Fast And Easy

o5uh42xcWorking with video is great when you have a video editor that handles your video, but in some cases you might find yourself in a situation, like with Windows Live Movie Maker, where the application doesn’t know or handle your video format— then things become complicated.

The task falls to you to find a way to get the video in to the video editor and that typically means finding the codec [where possible] or converting it. Where a codec will give you the ability to read the file natively, having to convert it is just another step to getting your instant bliss… so, converting video should be, fast, easy and give youexactly what you want.

So, I have some suggestions for video conversion. I have used all three of these video converters and think are are very good; and easy to use. They all have the video conversion options you’d be searching for and handle plenty of formats— and they’re all free. A video converter is great if you can’t find the right codec, and need to get moving on your project.

The three choices I like because of price and ease of use are…


Freemake Video Converter

This is one of the best ones you’ll find out there, and doing a darn good job I might add… and here’s why…


Simple Interface…






Hamster: Free Video Converter

It’s a free download and a free application; free to use. It converts from just about any video format you have to what ever format you need it in.





Video Converter Factory…


Output Device Supported:

  • iPod, iPod nano, iPod Nano 5G, iPod classic, iPod shuffle, iPod touch, iPod touch 3G, iPhone, iPhone 3G, Apple TV
  • Zune, Zune HD
  • Window Mobile device: Pocket PC, Dell Axim X51, HP iPaq hw6500 series, etc.
  • PSP, PS3.
  • Xbox, Xbox 360.
  • BlackBerry, Common Mobile Phone.
  • General MP4 players: Archos, Creative Zen, iRiver, Walkman etc.
    The interface is super simple… you simply add the files you want to convert and then you select the format you want them to be AFTER you convert them and click START— and it starts running.



So, regardless of which videos you are working with today, you might need a converter… and if you are searching for some options; I offer theses…

I hope this helps…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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  • @TechHelpSite

    Interesting post and timely as I have a new media centre pc to play with
    Have used the Freemake programs and found them good
    Why not stick with just the one program
    Do the other 2 offer anything that Freemake doesn't?
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    • Nothing specific stands out. The simplest interface, In my opinion…, is Hamster. I have used all of them and knowing that peoples approach to software can be like trying cake; I like to have options. I spend a lot of time in the Windows Live Movie Maker support forum attempting to help users and I find myself giving recommendations on video converters…


  • If these don't work, I have found that screen reading software can be used to record from the screen an easy-to-play but troublesome-to-convert format (it was a flash swf in my case) and save it as a more standard video format for editing.
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    • I might agree in some regard, but screen recording might degrade the quality of the video, but if all you're looking for is a something close; then yes, I would agree. What screen recording software are you referring to?


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