Sep 15 2011

Free Place for demos and presentations with FREESCREENSHARING.COM

utpqc0o5I received an email notifying me of this new service that allows for desktop sharing for demos and presentations, for FREE. I like to see what free offers from time to time. I didn’t notice any pop-ups, banners or intrusions during the session that I was using.

This service is free; a very simple account is required, but nothing intrusive at all. If you have an extra 10 seconds, you can establish an account. All you need is a name, an email address and a password of your choosing.

Again, the service is FREE, and in addition to the space for the demos/presentations, you get a free conference room as well. So, participants can dial in to the demo and listen and talk, and ask questions; making it very interactive.

FreeScreenSharing.com offers unlimited free meetings, up to 96 people, meetings at any time and an option to design your own lobby area for the presentation while participants wait for the presentation to start.


The simplicity of the execution for this service is very nice…

Once you create an account, the application is downloaded to your local machine. If you’re using Internet Explorer, you can simply choose run the prompt, but if you’re using applications like Firefox or Chrome; you’ll have to run application manually. But it’s only a slight inconvenience…


Once the application starts, you have the option to click start meeting button. Useful information about using the service is listed on the right-hand side; that information is collapsible and it slides back to the left.


The interface…


This is the base interface once the meeting started…

From the top you have three main options, pause, stop and switch.

if you don’t want to share everything, or if you have an additional monitor that you need to display, you can choose the option to select items to share; from there you can specify which Windows, which applications and which monitors participants can see. You have complete control over what’s being presented.

If this is a presentation with participants dialing into the presentation. The conference room information is listed on the left-hand side with the meeting ID, and instructions on how to connect in to the presentation using the conference call option.

All the participants who join the meeting are listed on the left-hand side in the attendee list. If someone in the attendee list is to become the presenter, you simply double-click on that attendees name, the software will ask you to confirm that person’s promotion to being a presenter…

There’s a live chat option with an instant messenger is also available… chatting with all participants or selecting one participant for instant messaging is also option.


Viewing and Performance…

From the attendee standpoint, the interface is basically the same. They can see who is attending the presentation and they have the option for chat/instant messaging as well.

The reaction time of the presentation didn’t have any faults during my testing… but I think the overall performance of the service could be improved slightly, but for free service that provides a free conference call room and free presentation software, it is very well. I would say this is a direct competitor to WebEx; although it’s not on WebEx’s scale.

I saw no functions that allow you to record the presentation; that might be of function in the future, but the overall execution and performance of the service seems solid. I also saw no options to transfer files, so this is not a service that you could use for [directly] doing remote support. I suppose you could use it for remote support but only in the capacity to see the other persons screen… but obviously, this is not the intended purpose of the service.


Staying close…

0oxfdsu5As I mentioned above, is application is installed on the local PC. Once the application has been started it places a system tray icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

The application stays resident on the local PC; it has right-click options to provide convenient connections to create and join meetings.








If you need to do presentations, hold meetings and get interacted with your customers, and your company is on a tight budget; this is definitely going to be a good option for you.


I hope this helps…

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

…via Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11

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    Hi Larry,

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