Sep 22 2011

Facebook and Google+ are making Twitter BORING

ycz40s2u_thumb_thumb Facebook and Google+ are making Twitter BORINGOver the past could have months the usefulness of Twitter seems to be missing with me. I don’t see how Twitter is supposed to compete anymore. At 140 characters? It’s hard to get everything you want to clarify, do and share with such a small range of space.

And what Facebook and Google+ are doing is pointing out all the shortcomings that Twitter really has…

The things people are really caring about right now are privacy, deciding who and what to share, but if you were to take all the PUBLIC shares from Facebook and Google+ and made them in to a massive list, you’d have Twitter, but with a much more rich experience.

Just hear me out…

With Twitter you get this list of garbage, nothing fancy about it, no page preview, no image preview and no way to discuss it…no way to really connect.

x14vp5i4_thumb Facebook and Google+ are making Twitter BORING

Twitter isn’t something I like to call interesting… but I do understand it has it’s purposes, but it could easily be replaced by Facebook and/or Google+. Twitter has done this to itself; it’s lack of attention to its own site and feature sets; other websites [many] do Twitter better than Twitter does.

I’m still posting to Twitter, because it’s the thing to do if you want to share links and ideas openly in public, but if Facebook and Google+ follow through with their concepts of public sharing, then why use Twitter at all? The people I share with on Facebook and Google+ would have a much better experience in getting an idea of what I’m discussing… with more sentences to describe my ideas, thoughts, websites and media.

Here’s a Google+ example:

3rmuysro_thumb_thumb Facebook and Google+ are making Twitter BORING

Now, as a person who’s browsing content can see what’s going on, what comments there are and who’s involved. And Facebook and Google+ have the same basic idea on this… it’s almost identical. Compare that with Twitter; yeah, boring.

Twitter is turning in to a social CraigsList.

Lots of content, and lacking on presentation…

And the fact that both Facebook and Google+ can, or will be offering ways to Instant Messenger other members, call them, video chat with them— it blows Twitter away. I was actually amused when I read the news Facebook was joining with Twitter to share updates… ah, man— keep your friends close; keep your competitors closer.

So, my opinion is that Twitter is still the social free sharing meca of the Internet, but Facebook and Google+ are close to scrapping Twitter right to the road side.

There’s an old saying, run with the big dogs or stay on the porch… and die.

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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