Aug 17 2011

Techie Review: Nuance’s PaperPort Professional 14

e4zq4b1z_thumb Techie Review: Nuance's PaperPort Professional 14As anyone that’s in document imaging should know v14 of PaperPort has been released; conveniently skipping version 13 [superstitiously]. If you don’t know what PaperPort is, it’s the best document and image organizer in the consumer market right now. There are a few applications that make an attempt complete with it, but for the direct consumer market; nothing compares to the ease of use it offers.

Recently, I was critical of PaperPort because I felt it was missing some points with customers and missing the interoperability to the web that I believe that it should have. I felt the overall evolution of PaperPort was really required and the function of the application really needed to be increased.

I’ve been attempting to ensure I do a techie review of PaperPort with each new major release to the public. And my version of a ‘techie review’ is a overall evaluation of the application, how it works and if the application is something you’d be willing to buy for your home or office. I like to dig into all the major features and options that are offered by the application and give my overall opinion of everything that’s offered.


The Installation of PaperPort 14

In doing my review for Nuance’s PaperPort v14, I downloaded a version to my local system; the download was about 600+ mb in size and took me about 5 minutes to download. I have to admit that right now I’m more drawn to purchasing software online and downloading it, as opposed to have to order and getting hard copies. Most machines now include the ability to burn your own CD/DVD’s. It’d take me 5 minutes to get my cars keys, get in the car and get out my driveway… so, downloading an electronic version works very well for me.

When the files were decompressed, the installation size is around a 1Gb.

5ca1zzlf_thumb Techie Review: Nuance's PaperPort Professional 14

It installed all the Microsoft builds for Microsoft visual C++ from 2005 -2010 and that also included .net framework 4. From there you go in to registration, but you don’t activate the application to the local PC.

zx2gwmkk_thumb Techie Review: Nuance's PaperPort Professional 14

There’s a license agreement after this and then the application starts installing.

I noticed this; it’s something I haven’t noticed before if it was in previous versions. And I couldn’t really find where it came in to play once the installation was completed. I really expected to see right-click context menus from Windows explorer.

lnjdex1h_thumb Techie Review: Nuance's PaperPort Professional 14

Maybe v14 of PaperPort seems to be attempting to achieve a closer integration with the user, to be more accessible and more usable in a more innate environment. I may need to play with it some more to find the specific launch or interface points.

The installation of PaperPort v14 ended without incident. The installation as a whole was about 5 minutes…

bjs1ee5j_thumb Techie Review: Nuance's PaperPort Professional 14

PaperPort v14 comes with their Nuance PDF Viewer… I already had v7 [enterprise version], so, the installer asked if I wanted to upgrade; so, I did and this completed my installation of PaperPort.

kc4ksxy2_thumb Techie Review: Nuance's PaperPort Professional 14

PaperPort also requires you to activate your copy in order to use it on a permanent basis. This follows suit with some of the other applications Nuance has been releasing lately. They give you five uses before the application is shut down. Where you can’t get in to it… This happened to me when I was doing the review on PaperPort 12.

52vbsbzo_thumb Techie Review: Nuance's PaperPort Professional 14

So, after about 5+ minutes of installations and activating PaperPort  was ready to use it now. You can use PaperPort 5 times without registering it, but after that, you locked out.



What’s new in v14…

PaperPort Anywhere—

As with what Nuance did with Omnipage, PaperPort has an option to put your documents in the ‘cloud’. I’m not a massive fan of ‘cloud’ access, but I do realize the benefit is can offer to some people. And for purposes of practicality, you shouldn’t store sensitive data in the ‘cloud’.

PaperPort offers the ability to upload your documents and images to offline storage such as GoogleDocs,  Nuance Cloud Drive,, Microsoft Skydrive and EverNote. And there’s options to sync the data to the off-site storage.

Making the data portable, there’s applications for Android and iPhone, to be able to pull and view your documents on your Smartphone or tablet PC.

Three PaperPort Anywhere subscription services are available:

Free Basic subscription provides 1 GB of document storage and top-three search results.
Professional subscription is $9.99 per month and provides 10 GB of document storage, all searchable results, mobile app access, and 1 GB file-size limit.
Premium subscription is $24.99 per month and is the same as the Professional subscription, but increases document storage to 50 GB, and increases the file-size limit to 2 GB.


The GUI—

The GUI for PaperPort has been updated, but the basis for the application is still there. And from the presentation is application isn’t focused the average home user. The interface is right in line with Nuance’s other software offerings; they’re keeping it in the family, but PaperPort doesn’t have the ‘snap’ for help like Omnipage.

ddpmbxz5_thumb Techie Review: Nuance's PaperPort Professional 14

There’s no doubt about it— This package has a focus to the above average and business class users. There’s nothing social about PaperPort; it’s all about business and getting things done.

And, the theme of the new PaperPort can be changed.

ttp2alyw_thumb Techie Review: Nuance's PaperPort Professional 14

Something else about the new GUI had my interests peaked, and that was the ‘recently scanned’ and ‘recently viewed’. Sometimes images get scanned and somehow get lost… this option may help you. Same with viewing images; but you just can’t remember where the last one was…


The DekstopDelivery Manger—
For those people/businesses that really work with document imaging; you know how important it is to get data in to the system, but if you have a function to monitor and poll a folder, or shared folder on a regular basis and pull those documents in to the system for you— it’s that much nicer. Now you can…

jtsfhqdu_thumb Techie Review: Nuance's PaperPort Professional 14

Setup your folders, local or shared over a LAN and you can pull those images in to the system.

Another thing that was really nice to see— folder properties.

dpri3cn2_thumb Techie Review: Nuance's PaperPort Professional 14

This not only works in DektopDelivery, but syncing images/documents to the web. This could be a God send for execs on the go, that need up to date information.

Still, you have the PaperPort indexer…

wez1smwe_thumb Techie Review: Nuance's PaperPort Professional 14

If you’ve had a previous version of PaperPort before, you know this is a service like application that monitors folders and indexes the data it finds and put that in to PaperPort for searching.


Microsoft Sharepoint Access—

As a person who knows how important this is in to a corporate environment; to have a better interface than what Microsoft offers by default on it’s SharePoint. PaperPort has incorporated a new interface option for SharePoint from inside the application.

5b32kodi_thumb Techie Review: Nuance's PaperPort Professional 14

As it turns out, I don’t have a way to test the interface to SharePoint. But the fact that PaperPort offers this option is good.


Folder Security—

In my last critical post of PaperPort, I mentioned security, and Nuance has responded by adding security options in the application. I have noticed that the latest version of PaperPort has made an effort to address security; it’s not proprietary; it’s Windows security.

z5lxhnqj_thumb Techie Review: Nuance's PaperPort Professional 14

The more I messed around, the more I found there’s nothing special about this.

If you have meddled with network shares or Microsoft credentials at some point; you can handle PaperPort document security. But it’s a valid approach… Seriously. Why reinvent the wheel? PaperPort stores all the data in folder format, very easy to understand, and it’s not cryptic.

The security settings can now be applied to Users, folders and shares.

While I believe Nuance could’ve done more to make the options a little more streamlined and friendly, they did extend themselves in to the realm of document security. This move may not launch them in to large corporations; it’s definitely get them in to the small business office.


Document Scanning—

PaperPort Continues to have the best interface for getting information/documents/images in to the system with the least amount of work, but with all due respect to the application, it’s not always about scanning a certain way, it’s about the batches of documents you scan, what kind of documents you scan.

PaperPort needs to push the envelope here and allow for scanning by types of batches and template recognition. Batches could allow the users to categorize and name documents much faster. Template recognition could offer user the ability to recognize documents/images by a point of reference, Something to help identify the documents being scanned.

But overall I found no issues with scanning documents…


Goodbye MAX files! —

PaperPort v14 is leaving MAX files in the past… MAX files generated with PaperPort v10 and above are read only and are able to be edited. [I heard the air leave the room people] Nuance says if you want to edit a MAX file, you have to convert it to PDF and then make your edits. This is where Nuance’s PDF power comes in to play.

Nuance’s latest offering for a PDF viewer is very powerful, and the enterprise version is loaded even more with bundles features. This is also something I noted when I did my review of Nuances PDF Enterprise v7; it was and it’s the perfect match for PaperPort in this regard.

And if you are worried about converting all those MAX files, Nuance provides an application [CVMAXPDF.EXE ] to convert all those nasty, old, legacy and cumbersome MAX files. I, for one, am glad to see the MAX files die a horrible death.

I, personally, took lots of my personal time about 2 years ago and converted all my MAX files to PDF— man, I wished I had that application back then.


Image Editing—

To make the transition from the MAX files to PDF and to really offer MORE to the document imaging freaks out there, the only answer was to turn PaperPort in to an image editing application as well. A lot of the feature sets and options you see in the Nuance PDF viewer, you’ll see in PaperPort.

Here’s some screenshots:

ikmnq04j_thumb Techie Review: Nuance's PaperPort Professional 14

5bidemcp_thumb Techie Review: Nuance's PaperPort Professional 14

d1l1mg5m_thumb Techie Review: Nuance's PaperPort Professional 14

t4npddz0_thumb Techie Review: Nuance's PaperPort Professional 14

I did find something irritating about this release and the new image editing options.

I found I could copy/cut and paste parts of the images and put them back in the same image, but I found no way after the clip was placed, to go back and adjust it anymore. If the option is there, it’s elusive. Basically, if you have an image and you paste a clipping on top of it, once it’s deselected, you can move it anymore…

There’s an UNDO option, but that option removes the clipping from the image you’re working with; this could be very irritating.



Once the images are loaded on the screen everything seems to be really fast, but I’m not able to say with any great certainty that any massive performance improvements have been made. I do know that PaperPort 14 officially supports accessing data from over a network connection and now when you access files on a network location, that file is locked.

Performance is going to be limited by the performance of the system and by the limitations and speed of the network you’re using. I did notice in the PaperPort settings/options you can set anything over X amount of results, switch to details view; this may be a way to combat the performance bug.

PaperPort biggest problem seems to be switching to folders and building a listing of thumbnails; if you aren’t using the thumbnails, things seem to go much faster.

In my testing, different from the last version, I had no issues with PaperPort grabbing information from a network location. And while I chose not to upgrade to this latest version of PaperPort, I believe this one is going to be worth updating to.




Nuance is saying very clearly with this release that they’re serious about people who are serious about document imaging and organizing; and making sure you can get it on the go. Seriously.

And you really have to take in to account the fact that Nuance does have very good offerings. Everything from organizing, indexing, OCR and image editing. What they offer are parts of a puzzle; each one with enough clout to stand on their own, but putting them together will set yourself above the others and save you serious amounts of money. That’s what document imaging is all about.

If your business isn’t using document imaging, and organizing your information; you really should start.


Two versions of PaperPort 14 are available:

PaperPort Professional 14 list at $199 SRP, is designed for office use, and includes PDF creation and security, compressed PDF-MRC, and network-accessibility features.
The PaperPort 14 base configuration lists at $99 and is an entry-level version designed for occasional document scanning, and for home and small offices, students, etc.



Thanks for your time…

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.


…via Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11

zemified_c Techie Review: Nuance's PaperPort Professional 14

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  • Kirk

    Good review and I look forward to others. Users must self-support Nuance products as their customer service is legendarily horrible.

  • cmw

    Agree with support problems. You get 90 days free on your dime and last time I called it was India. Tech was nice but not knowledgable. Tech is almost inevitable.

  • RichB

    Wow, thanks for the thoughtful review.

    • Thanks for your comments…
      I appreciate it…

      Until next time,
      Larry Henry J

  • JRM

    On the basis of Larry Henry's review I would buy Paperport 14, he makes it sound good. And it may well be, but that has not been my experience on earlier releases. After being badly bitten by this product line I am going to need a lot more persuading. Since version 9 I have found Paperport to be badly behaved beyond belief. I currently have version 12 which refuses to run at all on my Vista 64 bit PC. The program is always stopped by Microsoft Data Execution Prevention, sometimes only moments after loading. I persevered with it for longer than I should have simply because I could not believe that a mainstream software company would market a product which simply didn't work. Numerous exchanges of emails with Nuance tech support shed no light on the problem and eventually I had to give up on Paperport and ditch it.

    • My advice to you; you can download the PaperPort version and test it for yourself. If you don't like it, call them back and ask for a refund. I believe you have 14 days to make that decision.

      I'm not discounting your opinion, and PaperPort had it's issues, and their support has issues. But it's much easier to download it, try it and then get a refund if it's not your liking.

      Thanks for your comments…
      Until next time,
      Larry Henry Jr.

      My recent post Going Head-to-head: Windows 8 vs iOS and Android

  • Ken

    PP 14 uses too many "other party" software components which leads to poor perfornance and downright incompetent functionality. The "verity' search function refuses to work on my blackbox, no matter what the tech help at Nuance (ScanSoft for profit only) provides. Nuance really needs to focus on single user issues, and not just corporate deployment. They would learn more about the foibles of their software, if they focused on single users!

  • Tony Neria

    I enjoyed the review, but I would love to hear a review after using Paperport 14 for a couple of months. I have ScanSoft Paperport 9 (both the individual and pro versions on two different computers) and aside from a few occasional lockups with the individual version, they are both solid performers. I do lots of scanning of music into my computer (I'm a choir director and composer) and I really rely on Paperport. But after reading so many review horror stories about versions of the software after 9, I am really hesitant to upgrade to 14. I also am very wary of upgrading due to the customer-no-service stories I've heard about Nuance. If they are not going to stand behind their products, why spend your hard earned money on their products. To bad they have such a bad rep because they pretty much have the market on this type of software. With some good customer service and solid software upgrade, I would think they just about everyone would be wanting to buy this product!

    • You know, I have heard the stories of the Nuance support and while I have not been on the PaperPort support line; I've been on the Dragon NaturallySpeaking support line. It's not funny…

      And to be honest with you, PaperPort 12 I didn't buy. I did reviews on it, but I didn't buy it, nor did I keep it installed. PaperPort 12 had some issues and I noted those to Nuance when I turned in my review.

      For me, personally, PaperPort works for me. The interface just seems logical to me… and while I've been critical of PaperPort in the past [and for reason] in PaperPort 14 the direction seem clear. They're focusing on business customers and people who are highly organized.

      Nuance is leveraging their PaperPort product with their new PDF viewer/editor and if you really want to ramp it up; join PaperPort with OmniPage 18 with the OCR functions it has and you are really going to have something… It's like Voltron— separately, it's nice, together it's like MUCH better.

      I hear your concern… I'll make an attempt do a follow-up blog on the use of it; in more detail.
      Thanks for your comments…

      Until next time,
      Larry Henry Jr.

      My recent post Going Head-to-head: Windows 8 vs iOS and Android

      • montalvino

        Hello Larry Henry
        I am trying to get my head round the difference between OmniPage and PaperPort, since I am considering buying one or both (or neither, of course!). Basically, mine is a conceptual output (slogans, straplines, jingles, etc) in two major world languages and must be produced after reading printed (not online) material in the said languages. Some of that reading I need to scan and index for citation purposes. Would you advise PaperPort 14 or the current OmniPage (I think v. 18)?

        • OmniPage is OCR; page text recognition=E2=80=A6 that's all it really do= es. PaperPort on the other hand works as an organizer of information and has some OCR abilities. It also offers the abilities to scan pages and OCR them to a searchable PDF. Where OmniPage can scan a page, pull out data and export it to something like a csv file; PaperPort can't. PaperPort offers textbridge as OCR and it does very well; some will argue there's better and they are right to argue it.=C2=A0 PaperPort is about $200 and OmniPage is more=E2=80=A6 If all you are pu= tting efforts into doing is scanning and stripping out lines of text, and organizing them, PaperPort should be fine for you.<p ws=3D”true” style=3D”margin:0; “>Larry Henry Jr. <p ws=3D”true” style=3D”margin:0; “>

  • Tom

    The paperport Paperport flyer claims a 62% reduction in file size for color scans. I would think that this would be an easy bench test to perform and report on.

    • Considering that PaperPort isn't using the MAX files anymore, and they're aggressively pushing the PDF format; this is easy to deduce. The post mentions the conversion program and how they're killing the MAX format [finally]. There's your 62%…
      Thanks for your comments…

      Until next time,
      Larry Henry Jr.

  • Sam

    Where do you get the CVMAXPDF.EXE file? I like most PP users tried to upgrade from v7/8/9 but found v10/11/12 to be unuseable that I've gone back to v7. will this CVMAXPDF.EXE convert my v7 .max files?

    • The conversion program comes with v12 of PaperPort.
      And you know— you have a very good point. I need to do some more exploring on the conversion program. I mentioned it, but I didn\’t go digging, but I still have a few MAX files to play with; I\’ll work on that… do some testing. Thanks!


  • danielebc

    I've noticed very poor quality icons on the top of paperport 14 on my 24'' monitor desktop pc, did you notice that too? The pp support asked me lots of questions about resolution, cable connection and graphic processor, etc. but PP14 is the only program that has such poor programmed icons on the desktop. If i compare that whit my 27'' mac at home it looks like prehistorical pc programming.Thanks for answering.

    • I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary… thanks for bringing it up. I'll check in to it.
      Thanks for your comments…


  • Henry Exhaust

    I have been a PowerPoint Customer since the very beginning. Saying that, I have been bothered with how NUANCE has treated the customer Base. There is always "Don" to shill got them, and even he can't make their products work from Version 10 on.
    I am a software Hardware integrator, and have done regression testing of software on hardware since the mid 1970s. It seems that since NUANCE bought the PaperPort Software from Scansoft-Xerox, the products do not work as advertised, and NUANCE does not support their customers.
    I was hoping that Version 14 Pro would correct the stuttering operation of 12.1 Pro, but it seems, from the reviews, that this is not the case.
    What is that old saw??? If you keep repeating a task and end up with the same result over and over, while expecting something different, it's known as insanity. Well, I think that buying a new iteration of PaperPort from NUANCE is, just that, insanity.

  • Kevin

    I upgraded to paperport 12 professional last year and had a few issues which were mainly sorted out with the eventual help of Nuance support. However there were still a few issues so when paperport 14 professional came along; although I had some reservations I decided to upgrade on the basis that hopefully some of the issues would have been sorted. Currently | am now unable to scan properly, paperport communicates with the scanner, then does not translate to a PDF file and will freeze. I have been in touch with Nuance every day over the last several days, one time being on the phone for nearly 1 hour with no reply. I uninstalled, reinstalled disabled programs, numerous restarts, you only seem to get one liners from Nuance support, have you tried this, have you tried that and then they start from the beginning again. I have now requested a remote access support from Nuance, just had a reply, they have given me a date 3 days from now. I am a business, I usually get same day remote access support. This is not what I would expect from a large company such as Nuance. When its working the software is great, that's why I've stuck with it, but if someone can suggest an alternative I will be considering this.

    • sheel

      Hi Kevin
      Tech support from nuance is pathetic . I use windows 7 64 bit and PP14 pro .After a long drawn wrestling I found the cause of problem. I found that some times after a document was scanned and saved paperport would stop working for next scanning and freeze. Then I discovered , if I deleted the previously scanned doc , it would start working agian which meant there was a conflict between the scanned doc and paperport.
      Finally I found out that if that particular saved doc was saved as shared with other user profiles such as admin and system etc , paperport would keep on freezing until you remove permissions to other users by right clicking on the file , then go to properties – security and edit permissions . Once you deny permissions to other users or remove them from the list , it works fine. The other way u can do is to right click on saved file and tick "share with no body". sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

      • That's an interesting problem… I need to make an attempt that out for myself. Thanks for the heads-up. A lot of people don't like Nuance's support; what what I understand, they know it, and they are putting efforts into doing something, but stuff like that's always slow…

        Thanks for your comments…


        My recent post LinkedIn hopes for no repercussions

  • MrDulaca

    Buyer Beware PaperPort 14 is Garbage it continually stalls and crashes. The support is nonexistent I have been a customer of paperport since version 4 and they have gotten better and better leading up to version 9, after that the program has gotten worse with each release. Nuanmce is only about making money and dam the buyer.

    • I have not had that experience with it… But I understand that people do have issues. I do agree that customer support should be better.


    • sheel

      i agree it repeatedly stalls and crashes. Paper port 12 was more stable. I use windows 7 64 bit .After a long drawn wrestling I found the cause of problem. I found that some timesafter a document was scanned and saved paperport would stop working for next scanning and freeze. Then I discovered , if I deleted the previously scanned doc , it would start working agian which meant there was a conflict between the scanned doc and paperport.
      Finally I found out that if that particular saved doc was saved as shared with other user profiles such as admin and system etc , paperport would keep on freezing until you remove permissions to other users by right clicking on the file , then go to properties – security and edit permissions . Once you deny permissions to other users or remove them from the list , it works fine. The other way u can do is to right click on saved file and tick "share with no body". sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.
      good luck

  • Bud

    Is the double-sided scanning bug that eats pages fixed?

    I do not see where other of the formerly problematic functions (deskew would also ruin pages) were verified.

    Nuance called innumerable times offering to sell a new version of Paperport even when I kept asking to stop the sales calls, but supplied not one update to such critical errors. A computer application should never destroy its customers’ data and the top priority should be to fix it.

  • Jim

    Can I activate my PP14 on more than a single computer on my home network? Previously I could install on 1 desktop and 1 laptop, but need to verify before I install it. Thanks.

    • According to the license, you only purchase 1 license; so, technically you shouldn't be loading PaperPort on other machines. That's a violation of T&C's, but people do it. PaperPort has an activation and if you don't activate, after a few runs, it doesn't work anymore. This happened to me on PaperPort 12 while doing my review. Now, if Nuance finds you in violation of the T&C's they can null out your activation key and you'd have to contact Nuance support— and I wouldn't assume they'd be very forgiving; but it's a chance you take. good luck



  • Azul

    Hello Henry – I am having a problem printing documents from my desktop using the PaperPort Image Printer (I am running version 14). It was working before but now nothing happens when I click on that printer. The document should show up in PaperPort but doesn't. Any suggestions?

  • Patricia

    Excellent review. Thank you for the information.

  • Allen

    The lack of support (previously personally verified) is the direct result of "we have the only game in town". I'd love to see a competing program, preferably multi-platform.

  • Karen

    I wish paperport had a way to back-up the files I scan through it. I realize they are on my hard drive but it is very cumbersome and time consuming to save each file one at a time. Neat Receipts has a back-up function that compresses the copied files and it allows you save all the scanned receipts in one fie. I guess Nuance is afraid if they make it easy for you to back up your files then you won't pay the high fee to put everything in their cloud. Any info on a way to back-up files would be appreciated.

  • Gary

    Paperport 14 repeatedly freezes when accessing network folders. Nuance support is crappy. Have been a long-time support tech trying to resolve Paperport issues since Paperport 7 — can't say there has been any improvement in program stability for business use. Might be ok on a single-user, home computer — definitely not ready for prime time.

    • I believe the way they do their indexing in PaperPort is off; I believe it could be more efficient. It's always creating the PaperPort thumbs.INI all over the place it visits…

      Thanks for your comments…


      My recent post LinkedIn hopes for no repercussions

  • Alex Holden

    Has anyone found a solution to Paperport 14 locking up when you right-click on an item? This is a huge nuisance! I may be headed back to PP 11, which I had little problem with.

    • I have not had a problem with PaperPort with right-clicking; and I run PaperPort to a shared network location. I don't notice a massive performance issues. I would think that accessing network resources on a network with security issues cold cause the issues you're talking about. Or is it locking up completely?

      What'd Nuance support say about it?


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  • ayush

    Try Sohodox its a delight … better than any other software available

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