Aug 04 2011

Internet Explorer Market Share: Why is it taking so long to DIE?

klbvtgzi_thumb Internet Explorer Market Share: Why is it taking so long to DIE?I have no love for Internet Explorer. Microsoft and Internet Explorer lost me as an user when 15 friggin applications and viruses got loaded on my machine in 10 seconds and I couldn’t do a thing to stop it and then it took me 5 hrs to remove the damage…

Internet Explorer; it’s a polished turd that Microsoft passes out as their version of excellence. For all the efforts Microsoft has placed on it to wax it’s shell; it’s still hogwash.

The latest update from the Global Web Stats from W3Counter you can see that not only is Internet Explorer slipping in the market share, so is Mozilla’s Firefox. The people are speaking… They’re stating that Firefox and Internet Explorer aren’t the innovators anymore, they’re not the forefront of technology when it comes to browsers; Chrome is…

Internet Explorer is one of those browser that stay where they’re because of corporations and ignornace. There’s been an article roaming around claiming that if you use Internet Explorer, you’re dumb. I call bullcrap on that one; I say they’re simply ignorant or lazy. Ingnorant to the fact that there are options for surfing the web, options on what you can do while surfing the web; options to being safer while browsing.

Or people are simpoly lazy in nature. Lazy in the fact that Internet Explorer was the browser that was installed on their system and they just haven’t bothered to change it… too lazy to see if there’s another way to do it, or lazy to make an attempt another browser application. Because there are options.

Here’s the charts from the W3Counter website

June 2011

sao4y3gb_thumb Internet Explorer Market Share: Why is it taking so long to DIE?

Chrome has been dominating for the last 2 years; well, since it was released. The adoption of the Chrome browser has been nothing less than sellar. While Firefox gets to watch their market share slip by 1% every month; Chrome’s goes up 1%.

July 2011

sls4bmuh_thumb Internet Explorer Market Share: Why is it taking so long to DIE?

Internet Explorer still has the market share because that’s what businesses use; they’re all mainly Microsoft shops, so supporting Internet Explorer in the workplace is the obvious choice, but it’s not a wise choice. It’s the SAFE choice.

The result of this is all the workforce users are surfing the web during the day, at lunch, or just getting off work before braving the ‘go-home’ traffic— I understand.

A couple of years ago, about 2 years, Firefox was the best on the block; it was the safest an user could use. Tech heads were pushing Firefox to the parents and grandparents, but now it’s Chrome, Chrome all the way… and the bore is wide open. Chrome has shown how secure it is in the past 2 years of hacking events… and not losing.

Internet Explorer can’t compete like this for long. The browser stinks, the technology stinks, the reputation of Internet Explorer stinks and Microsoft would do well to and conceed that free, open source browsers [Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.] do it better than they do… and simply stop fighting a fight they can’t win. They have ruined the brand name of Internet Explorer.

Much like Pinto or Taurus…

Heck, even Safari and Opera are gaining ground [not much]…

I stand by my faithful opinion that Internet Explorer is a very good browser, to download a decent one.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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  • Steven

    As soon as Chrome has a clean uninstaller that does not mess up Outloook, I will uninstall it.

    • Chromes growth in the market; I'm not able to lie— it's impressive. while others are slipping; Chrome is gaining ground.

      Thanks for your comments…

      Until next time,
      Larry Henry Jr.

  • truth

    I've been using IExplorer for 15 years without any viruses. If you stop surfing porn you wouldn't have virus problems.

    • oh man, you got me on that one…

      Until next time,
      Larry Henry Jr.

  • 11b1p19k

    I went from IE6 to Firefox, to Opera and now back again to IE – I've had no problem whatsoever with IE8 or IE9. After reading several of Larry's posts its quite obvious the biggest problem he has is simply anything Microsoft.

    • That's a laughable statement…
      I'm not making this up, Microsoft is writing the story. Internet Explorer has consistently failed the annual security contests; consistently. It's the first to get hacked.

      Do the research you'll see… why would anyone continue to use Internet Explorer if they knew about this information. Microsoft clearly dominated the market with their auto-update'r, but once in the market; they forgot it and the users. The reason for such a surge of support for Firefox was the lack of support and security for Internet Explorer. I'm critical of Microsoft yes, but simply because of the actions they have taken historically.

      If you use Internet Explorer and your happy with it; great. And when your sites don't load right and/or when your identity gets stolen… I'm not going to clarify I told you so, but there may be an echo that stirs within you.

      Thanks for your comments…
      I hope you have a nice day!

      Until next time,
      Larry Henry Jr.

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