Aug 18 2011

Hewlett Packard: Poor Sales Kill WebOS Early…

bxcwp33v_thumb Hewlett Packard: Poor Sales Kill WebOS Early…If you were a boxer, and you trained to be a professional boxer, with dreams and aspirations of becoming the greatest boxer in the world and then to debut in your first fight, throw a few punches, bob and weave a little bit and then to give up with 2 min. left in the fight… I think it would be highly embarrassing to start taking off your gloves before the fight is even over.

But that’s what it looks like Hewlett-Packard is doing right now with  Web OS. It’s actually kind of funny, because I’m still watching the TV advertisements for to Packard’s Touchpad.

I think Hewlett-Packard is playing the odds by simply conceding that the most dominant smartphone operating systems are with Google and Apple. Trying to introduce a fourth or fifth mobile operating system into the smartphone market just isn’t worth it; Hewlett-Packard would have to put out millions of dollars in advertising, development and support just to try to establish another mobile operating system.

Another thing that was hurting Web OS was that it wasn’t enough presence in the smartphone market. You can’t simply walk on to the playing field like Hewlett-Packard did, expecting to make such a huge splash simply because of the name recognition; it’s not going to happen.

Hewlett-Packard has confirmed that spinning off its PC business and it’s going to discontinue operations for the Web OS devices. so, if you purchased a Touchpad [from what I understand the 25,000 proud owners] you know have a $500 piece of equipment that has been effectively discontinued.

With Hewlett-Packard being the largest computer maker and not being able to successfully deploy a mobile device, I’m sure it’s embarrassing. Hewlett-Packard purchased Palm to combat android and Apple for the mobile platform market. And Hewlett-Packard has put plenty of time into developing their Web OS, but with the decision to discontinue Web OS so quickly they must’ve realized that they can’t compete on such an fast-moving slope.

The overall reviews of the Touchpad have been met with mediocre to very competitive since its release, but even by dropping the price on the Touchpad, to try to lure customers and just to put their hands on it, just wasn’t enough. Perhaps Hewlett-Packard realized that the touchpad was going to be nothing more than a shadow of the devices that are currently already on the market; how could you possibly differentiate yours from others, and make it shine that much more?

The safest bet right now for owners of the Touchpad would be to simply, and very quickly, repackage the Touchpad and return it to the store from which you purchased it. It’s your money out of it device as quickly as possible and to look at something else that’s more established. I think it’s a terrible situation that Hewlett-Packard has placed customers in this position, because Hewlett-Packard has obviously had doubts about the success of the Touchpad for a while…

Dismal sales of the Touchpad was obviously the nail in the coffin this device… RIP


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

zemified_c Hewlett Packard: Poor Sales Kill WebOS Early…

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