Aug 31 2011

Facebook Counters Google+ with on ‘privacy inline’

cfer4xc1I don’t know the exact visiting records of Facebook, but I know that from the reports from the web, Google+ has been showing a burst of activity; its showing rapid growth…

And with how Google+ is rolling out some of there services, it’s no wonder. They’ve been taking the best parts of Twitter and Facebook and rolling them in to their service, but with better execution.

One the better feature sets Google+ is offering is the ‘circles’ for friends.

And not to be out done, Facebook has fired back with their own friends ‘circles’ option now, but they’re referring to it as ‘privacy inline’.

     Did you miss it?

I noticed it just this morning and I took a few screenshots.


Facebook doesn’t have the best track record for handle users security and disclosing changes to members profiles; but Facebook is attempting to ensure users are more updated now about privacy settings,


It’s handling who is tagged… which was something that was there before, but for formality sake, let’s mention it again..



And where they were tagged from and then… your ‘circles’ of friends.

But it’s more like really small ‘circles’. There’s no option to generate permanent ‘circles’ of friends. I believe this is the real down fall of what Facebook is offering here.




Facebook really missed the point on this; there are circles of people that members deal with everyday; as within real life. Not allowing members to generate permanent circles to share information is a failure and a lack of vision. But for Facebook, I’m sure this a small victory; something to throw back and say, ‘we don’t have that, but we have this!’

To illustrate what I’m saying, here’s the screenshot of the sharing to friends, as it relates to custom…


…and you can hide it from other members as well, but if you had established ‘circles’ you wouldn’t need this option.

And with the option of ‘specific people’…


You can add specific people, but it’d have been a better execution of they’d have allowed you to have the members to a list for the future— it doesn’t.


Again, this security has been extended to the privacy controls in Facebook as well… this furthers your privacy to a much higher level if you choose.


One thing I noticed here, they didn’t give the members the option to choose ‘friends of friends’; which I believe should’ve been a default option for the radial buttons.

Facebook may be seeing the competition and really attempting to come back with members are really searching for…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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