Movie Review: Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon

0uexjzfj_thumb Movie Review: Transformers 3: Dark of the MoonThe last [according to Shia]/latest Transformers movie was released and it’s going over like gang busters. The absence of Megan Fox didn’t even make a dent in sales, but I wasn’t surprised; she can’t act anyway. It’s all about the transforming robots and the explosions [that only Michael Bay can do].

The latest Transformers just seems to get it all wrong and right, at the same time.

The most destructive part of this movie is the script and the director. For those fans of the Transformers legacy, the last two films are nothing more than crap built on the Hollywood garbage machine. They take a great series, huge back story and then start picking and twisting and skewing the whole thing in to some stupid love story; it’s not even funny.

The whole basis behind the Transformers is Autobots vs. Decepticons [good vs. evil]; it’s never been about humans– maybe about protecting them, but not directly about them.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon was about as close as you can get to something even close to what a Transformers movie should’ve been, but in my opinion… still too much about Sam and not enough about the robots and Cybertron.

This movie is about the Humans finding something about Cybertrons past, hiding it, a fallen hero turning on his own and the Autobots fighting the odds to being it back from the edge. This movie has just enough Transformers reference in it to save it from being ‘just stupid’.

In typical Michael Bay fashion, this movie is littered with explosions and loads of destruction. I don’t know WHY they can’t just have a good script to begin with and then execute from there. From same reason they think they can’t do a Transformers movie without the United States military and bringing back the same people over and over to keep building this franchise. The actors aren’t’ even that great. Movie goers aren’t there to see the people, they’re there to see the robots transform… But…


What did they get right?

The space program; I really liked how they got Buzz Alderan to cameo a role in this movie; it was great! Something about having a true astronaut on screen with Optimus Prime was something to stare at for a few moments.

Leonard Nimoy; they brought him back to do the voice over for Sentinal Prime. This was a great thrill to see him bringing another Transformer to life. The essence that He brings to the table in a movie is huge. And if you’re a Transformers fan, you’ll get a thrill by hearing this during the movie.

Optimus Prime’s Trailer; FINALLY we get to see Optimus Prime with his trailer do something. While I was not a fan of the ‘I’m hauling my super suit’ version of the trailer; I was happy to see it.

The space bridge; in just about every version of Transformers I’ve ever seen [which should’ve been this whole series of Transformers] there’s been a space bridge; that’s how they get/got around and it’s not until this last version of the saga we see this. Seems odd that only now, at this point, do they bring this to the story line… This was the big deal?! It was kind of a let down.

Shockwave; I was very excited to see Shockwave, but I was not impressed with his modes and I wasn’t impressed with the amount of screen time he got.

The graphics; the graphics for this movie are awesome! The scenes with Cybertron actually gave me hope for this franchise. Seeing the HUGE scale battles and the home of the Transformers; it was inspiring. Sadly not enough of it though.

The spread of actors; this movie had a range of actors in it. I was very happy to see several high caliber actors in the movie. Their input on the movie I thought was nice, but not excessive.


What did they get wrong?

The language; this is/was a kids movie and kids are the strongest thing about this movie, but having a son that loves Transformers and taking him to see this movie and having to worry about the language was inexcusable… They didn’t have to do this.

Ironhide; they kill of Ironhide! Why? How can you do this?! He’s a staple of the whole storyline. Not only do they kill him off; they do it in a grotesque way. Which brings me to my other complaint.

The graphic violence; this version of Transformers was more graphic than the other two movies put together. Robot heads are ripped off, eyes plugged/gouged, stabbed, sliced and diced; all in a very graphic nature. I realize that this is a robot, but I couldn’t help think how this would look if we were talking humans. Would it still be rated PG-13?

The Witwicky’s; with each release of Transformers, I hated the Witwiki’s more and more. They have no place in this movie line and they serve only one purpose in these movies and that was to undermine the whole movie. The inception of movie starts out with how worthless Sam really is and how he can’t get a job… You know, real world crap.

Megan Fox; I’m very happy she was not in this movie, but the way they took her out of this movie; it was bad– it was just bad writing. But not only did they take her out, they replaced her with another actress– very hot, and can’t act worth a crap. He role is too distracting and to me pulled the movie down.

They killed Megatron and StarScream? No. No. No. You can’t do that… This is Transformers; you can’t kill those guys… So, in every movie, they’ve defeated Megatron… Badly. No; it doesn’t always work out that way. He doesn’t have to die, he can fall back, retreat or just leave, but Megatron doesn’t die.


When you think of the Transformers you have to imagine the excitement of a kid, of having these ultra cool toys that can take the form of a robot or a vehicle, but in the world of Hollywood the Transformers franchise is much more than just toys; it’s a butt load of money. And in the hands of Michael Bay this saga is a train wreck.

If I had to officially judge this last film; this last film was better than the first two put together. But what I can say is that I’m glad that this trilogy is over. The 40% of the movie that made sense and was good, but 85% of the movie was well worth watching. But if Hollywood would’ve turned this over to a company that makes games, making this series exclusively about Transformers; bringing in faces like Unicron, Tripticon and Omega Supreme, I believe you could’ve a completely NEW perspective for what a real Transformers series could be.

It’s worth seeing in the theater; and it’s worth seeing with the popcorn and drinks.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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