LEHSYS Awarded MVP from Microsoft

ngissvfi_thumb LEHSYS Awarded MVP from MicrosoftAs a person who is critical of Microsoft on quite a few points I was surprised to get a nomination from Microsoft to be a MVP for them, but I’ve spent a lot of time in the Windows Live support forums trying to help other users and share my information.

At first, to get a nomination of any type through email is suspicious, but I checked all the links and references I could before getting back with them. The email I got from them looked like a typical scam email; wanting personal information about me, where I lived and so on, but despite my better judgment, I completed the request and sent it back.

Personally, I believe I would’ve felt better with a SECURE website, but this was email based.

Surprisingly, I got back a positive result and a notice that indeed I had been nominated. The nominations would not be announced until July 1st. And I was still skeptical…

But as of July 1st, I’m a Microsoft MVP.

I signed up for the TechNet and MSDN networks and I’ve to agree to an eNDA [non-disclosure agreement], but I’ve been around those for years; no big deal.

And the thing I was intrigued with was the ‘code of conduct’ that comes along with the MVP title. And it’s not a bad thing, but I believe it’s a good thing; which is, just behave and be professional. I believe this is a given considering a person has been nominated for MVP, but I understand that people can fall off the wagon sometimes.

So, while this isn’t a normal post, or technical in nature; I thought it was important to announce… It’s just a short post, and I’d like to keep sharing my information with the public.

And I thank Microsoft for nominating and awarding me the title…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

zemified_c LEHSYS Awarded MVP from Microsoft

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