Lacking Focus: Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko

sy2er4so_thumb Lacking Focus: Mozilla’s Boot to GeckoMozilla has finally wandered further in to Microsoft territory with this latest project. Mozilla wants to offer it’s own version of an OS that’s based on a web browser. And while it’s a great idea in theory, it not a good move for them…

The playing field is fierce right now with mobile operating systems and each one wants to win the next ‘dominate operating system’ war; and clearly, the two leaders are Android and iOS from Apple. But my problem with Mozilla doing this is that they have so many other projects that they’re disburse thin and can’t put and strong focus on any one thing.

But clarifying, they’re putting A LOT of focus on Firefox right now; it’s their most visible offering/project and sadly they’re not cutting the mustard right now. Internet Explorer browser market share is sliding, Firefox market share actually dropped about .7% on last report and Chrome is up like 6%. Mozilla has no time for this project, they don’t have the resources for this and while it’s a great idea, it’s going to turn in to nothing more than another failed ‘project’ from Mozilla.

Evidence shows that Google is the clear front runner on the tech front right now. Their ChromeOS books are out, the Android operating system is dominating the Smartphone market and their revenue stream to work on these projects is so high the top is swaying.

It’s a great concept, but what it boils down to is loading a Linux operating system with a Firefox browser. Generally, speaking that shouldn’t take long at all, but ‘InstantOn’ was supposed to do that too. And Google’s ChromeOS books do basically the same thing. What they want to do is highly honorable, but it will be YEARS before something like that/this would be a standard. And in order to withstand that, to ride out the time frame to make it standard, it takes money, and Mozilla and Google aren’t besties anymore; all that money Google used to give to them— it’s gone. So, how  does Mozilla plan on financing something like this? I don’t know… [struggling?] But Google isn’t going to have an issue with pushing their ChromeOS books for a while.

And this offering, right now, it comes off as an attempt to blatantly copy Google on their ChromeOS. To be a ‘blah’ operating system dependent on the Internet and the ‘cloud’ to do processing. And this operating system is supposed to be compatible with the Android operating system? I this as another problem point…

I’m starting to see visions of Linux and WINE; attempting to be compatible with some estranged operating system.

The problem with the ‘cloud’ and the ChromeOS is the ISP’s and the Internet restrictions on bandwidth. I presume if you have enough bandwidth it’s not a problem, but this isn’t going to be for everyone and the ISP’s are controlling the bandwidth like a hawk. They’re putting customers on a short leash with the amount of data you can access [monthly].

In my opinion… Mozilla needs to focus on the projects it’s got and making those better/best in class, establish themselves as the getting it done right clan and then branching out. They have other projects, and the Smartphone market, that could use some attention before they move on to a ‘cloud’ operating system.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

zemified_c Lacking Focus: Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko

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