Video Chat/Calling Requires a standard protocol

ednunngb_thumb Video Chat/Calling Requires a standard protocolVideo chat is becoming more and more popular and the fact is that there’s no standard right now for it; everyone is coming up with their own protocol for doing video chat— everyone saying and thinking that their version is better. It may be, but there needs to be a standard in video chat.

I was reading an article the other day about how Steve Jobs wants to unite the video chat protocol. He’s right. It’s something that need to be done and done right, damn, now.

The way I see it, there’s nothing wrong with Comcast, Skype, Google or Apple coming out their versions of video chat protocols; ones that work better for their phones, their customers or do things the way they want to do them— it’s ok, really. But as long as you can fall back on the standard protocol for a video call, that’s fine.

If the standard isn’t worked on/agreed upon very soon, there’s going to be chaos. Even now there’s services like Skype and fring and Facetime— they’re all trying to make it right now and they’re not compatible on a ubiquitous level. that’s wrong, that’s a waste of time and ultimately, it’s just going to piss customers off.

I just wrote about how Comcast is going to bundle Skype with their TV /phone service; with their phone service.

I believe everyone agrees that eMail is probably better at handling accounts rather than phone numbers. How much longer do they think phone numbers are going to last. Emails are going to rule; eMail addresses are going to replace phone numbers. [In my opinion…] emails are more person specific than a home number or a Smartphone.

I did a story about how Instant Messenger programs needed a standard protocol,and after I wrote it, I got an eMail from the guys at Digsby [purchased by tagged] stating that I was right and things would be so much easier to do things that way.

importanticon Video Chat/Calling Requires a standard protocol

Hi Larry,

This is Erick from the Digsby team, not sure if you remember me emailing you a few months ago. I just caught your article the need for instant messaging to have a standard protocol and I wanted to let you know I definitely agree. Great article/rant! It’d certainly cut down on the bug reports we get. It seems like each company wants to lock their users in. So it’s hard for everyone to play nice and talk to each other. I think Jabber is the closest we’ve come to have a true IM protocol standard, as you’ve written. 

Anyway, just thought I’d send a quick note on that. It’s something we go through nearly everyday. Have a great weekend!

Erick Davidson

I believe it’s important right now to set the standard. even if the governments have to get involved, to decree that a standard has to be used.

Using Instant Messengers, should be the same thing, and I also believe jabber is the right standard there, but video chat is the future of communicaitons and they need to chose one right now; make it open source and everyone use it, but they can still use their own special formats…

Do you agree with my postulations?

Do we need a Video Chat standard protocol?online survey


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

zemified_c Video Chat/Calling Requires a standard protocol

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