Not impressed: Windows 8 Sneak Peak Demo

image_thumb Not impressed: Windows 8 Sneak Peak DemoAfter the world went ‘nuts’ over the sneak peak of Windows 8, I noticed that the interface they were demo’ing were all based on touch; there wasn’t anything there based on the keyboard and mouse.

So, what Microsoft is saying is that their new user GUI is all based on tablet and touch screen abilities.They have decided that tablets and mobile devices need a better interface and they have obviously put a lot of time and development in to the touch interface.

I’ll concede that what they’re doing with the touch interface looks pretty neat. It’s nice to see an unique start from Microsoft, for once. It’s an original thought for them, but it’s really an after thought considering the rest of the mobile and touch market is already saturated with Android and iPhones.

I see this interface working very well, or going over very well, on tablets that’d be running Windows 8, but I’m not able to see it on a 4″ screen, or a Smartphone.

And as with the millions of others who have posted this video; here it is…


But what’s under the hood? The GUI doesn’t mean anything if everything under the hood is still the same crap… Show me something that shows what important changes your making; not just giving Windows a face lift… that’s what Windows 7 was to Vista.

I’m still looking from more from Microsoft… I’d like better resource handling, better security and better performance.

I’m also Microsoft needs to work on their interactions; to work with current technologies and standard media formats. One of Microsoft’s biggest issues with products live Windows Live Movie Maker is the lack of support for the common formats like MOV and MP4. Formats that have been around for a while, Microsoft needs to work on embracing them and not pushing them away because they’re not something that Microsoft came up with.

It’s possible Windows 8 could be really something nice, but right now, all it’s showing is that Microsoft is really rushing to get something on the table for Smartphones and tablets. I’m not seeing the emphasis on the keyboard/mouse users.

What do you think?

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