Microsoft is making the mistake with WebGL that Apple made with Adobe Flash

image_thumb16 Microsoft is making the mistake with WebGL that Apple made with Adobe FlashMicrosoft has recently indicated that ‘basically’ they have no intentions of adopting WebGL for Internet Explorer. And I’m not able to help but think that they forget where they are… they’re on the downward slope of ‘…we need you’.

I’m a fan of Mozilla Firefox, but it’s not to say that I’m oblivious to the speed and function of Google Chrome, and let’s not forget the blistering speed at which they’re releasing new versions of their browser; it’s just staggering. The rate at which Chrome is gaining popularity is more than any other browser. Not even Mozilla Firefox is able to keep up with Chrome. Internet Explorer market share is sliding and Mozilla Firefox is flat and Chrome adoption continues to grow.

Microsoft has their head in the sand if they think they’re winning this race; or if they think their in this race. Microsoft is an icon of what NOT to do if you make a web browser. Microsoft‘s Internet Explorer was a main stay icon of a POS browser until Mozilla Firefox came on and decided to cut in to their market. Microsoft has copied EVERYTHING all the other browsers have been doing, are doing and will do, just to restore it’s ‘good name’…

It’s unrealistic, and with this latest announcement I believe they just pulled a Kurt Cobain on themselves.

I’m surprised that Microsoft would stick their foot back in their mouth with not supporting WebGL; singing basically that ole’ tune that Internet Explorer is not W3C compliant, or ‘we’re going to do things our way’…

Apple played this tune too, with the iPad and the iPhone, saying we’re not going to support Adobe Flash. Adobe Flash is a nesseary evil for web browsers right now. I’m not saying I like it, but it’s required right now. A lot of websites would not function without it, and that’s where it get thorny for Apple users. Apple products don’t support Adobe Flash; Steve Jobs said so [thus, God did]. Apple made the decision that Adobe Flash isn’t the future, HTML 5 is the future and they aren’t going to bother that buggy crap Adobe Flash code.

The fact that Apple aribrarily made this decision pushed users away. Some websites require it. And one of the biggest selling points of the Android platform is that it supports Adobe Flash. Chrome has gone so far as to imbed Adobe Flash, but that’s more of a stability/security reason I believe.

Now eventually, Adobe Flash will go away; the advancement in HTML 5 are growing everyday and the reliance on legacy coding plug-ins like Adobe Flash are just not required. Even with Microsoft, they recognize that HTML 5 is the future and they’re moving forward with it.

But with Internet Explorer being where it’s, in the market, I believe by not supporting WebGL, this is going to make the market share of Internet Explorer slip even more, and at a higher rate. And using the excuse that WebGL isn’t something they can support because of security reasons; that’s crap. If Microsoft really wanted adoption of security and performance; they’d have open sourced DirectX and Direct3D a long time ago…

It’s all about a level paying field, but, who can do it better? If Direct3D were open sourced, worked good and was a standard everyone could work on; I’m sure Google would be trying to use it… But it’s not.

Users are speaking very clearly— Microsoft apparently has a disability [enough to park in handicapped spots] where they can’t hear what the market, is, wants or where it’s going.

So, good job Microsoft— you have reconfirmed yourself as the lumbering giant who can’t do anything right and is as deaf as a fence post. In older times, when you wanted to know when a train was coming, you could put your ear to the track… I believe someone over at Microsoft should put their ear to the track; right now.

The answer for Microsoft, if they want to continue playing on this ‘field’ they need to start contemplating sharing, working with standards that are already established. The idea of winning on the Internet isn’t to keep all the code to yourself, but to be that shining star that keeps on giving; because Microsoft is kind of like a black hole right now.

If Microsoft has a better way to do something, maybe giving the keys to someone else…

Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 


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zemified_c Microsoft is making the mistake with WebGL that Apple made with Adobe Flash

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