Jun 21 2011

ISP bandwidth Caps are holding back the Cloud

image_thumb18 ISP bandwidth Caps are holding back the Cloud
I have covered this ground for years… ISP’s are such a disappointment. They started out okay, then they went to the sky with unlimited bandwidth for Internet access and then they laid the ‘smack down’ on their customers with the tiered service for Internet access.

While the commercials ring in about how grea ‘the cloud’ is; it’s not really. It’s just not…

Let me tell you what’s nice about ‘the cloud’ off-site storage of your system settings, some temp files or functions for colaborative requirements [repots, charts]. That’s about it…

Google is pushing their Chrome book. Microsoft I pushing their cloud applications with the Windows Live suite of applications, Amazon and companies like Nuance are selling/offering ‘cloud’ storage, but the fact remains, and it’s not something that ANY of these companies are addressing is bandwidth usage.

And the more those companies discuss ‘cloud’ this and ‘cloud’ that, the more the ISP’s just druel with the thought that nice paycheck for overages of bandwidth usage.

If ISP’s had to provide unlimited bandwidth to customers; none of this would even be an issue. It should be a standard in Internet service; unlimited Internet service. Personally, I see no issues with tiering the SPEED of the Internet service, but tiering the bandwidth caps— man, when the ISP’s thought of that one; that— that’s was just pure, full out, unadulterated and prime greed.

Without Internet service, there’s not Internet. without Internet service, there’s no Netflix, Skype, Microsoft, the cloud or colaboration services; and the ISP’s saw this and now they’re just getting ready to enjoy their dinner— like the guttons they’re. I would think there’s more honor umong thieves or pirates, than between the ISP’s and their customers.

Comcast and AT&T are the worst by far. Both of these carriers  are strangling their customers with Internet service that’s YEARS behind what any IT Administrator/Consultant thinks they should be. In lieu of putting money from the customers, money they make in to their network, to get it upgraded; they’re pocketing it.

Example, you may remember the utility company in Chattanooga, TN, EPB, installing the nations fastest Internet connection? Well, that didn’t really come so easy. Comcast sued EPB over their right to provide Internet service to customers… EPB Internet service is light years ahead of Comcast, and Comcast knew it.

Cloud services, people using them from their home, from their phones, it all requires bandwidth and if the ISP’s are going to clog that route by imposing limits on what you can do, the cloud can only be partially useful. Constant sync’ing and uploading files will eat up so much bandwidth the ‘cloud’ will be an enemy to the customer.

I’m surprised each time I see commercials of services or applications that claim to use the cloud and each time it strikes a chord, how much bandwidth are they using? Much much are they putting in the cloud?

Apple wants to put everything in the iCloud; allowing each Apple user to put 5Gb of data in the ‘cloud’ and all the devices will be able to sync to it and grab information from it, but getting 5Gb there and then sync’ing it— you’re talking about some time. When is the last time you sync’d 5Gb? Bacially uploading a DVD to the web; and what were your upload speeds. And the ISP’s have to love the fact that you have 5Gb of whatever in the cloud that can eat away at the limits they have in place for users.

The cloud has a chance to be something, but with bandwidth caps and ISP’s greed, any device that’s going’cloud’ based is going to have limits and consumers don’t like limits— especially when it comes to their Internet service.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

zemified_c ISP bandwidth Caps are holding back the Cloud

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