Jun 21 2011

Get ready for ‘Skype me later!’

image_thumb19 Get ready for 'Skype me later!'After you heard the news of Microsoft buying Skype, you immediately think, ‘it’s going to the crap house’ or it’s going to be another LIVE application, part of MSN Messenger— and your probably right in some respects, but I heard the news that Comcast is going in to business with Skype

That’s a MUCH smarter move for Skype than Skype being bought by Microsoft. If Skype was searching for exposure, being the common brand, becoming part of societies staple services; linking up with Comcast would’ve been the ideal move.

With Comcast merging with NBC Universal, I can see Comcast basically giving away the TV boxes with webcams w/built-in mics that you just plug-in to the back of the TV box and BAM! You have a teleconference or video chat system, ready to go!

I don’t see how this can lose for Comcast, and I really hate to say that.

Video chatting is what it’s all about right now. People want to see other people when they’re talking to them. the technology is there, but let’s face it Smartphones aren’t quite there yet and they don’t have the bandwidth throughput to handle a smooth conversation. But if you take that to a hard line like Comcast [coxial cable] or through fiber with someone like Verizon, I believe it’s going to be a game changer.

What would steal the show right now for Comcast right now, is if someone offered a box for $100 that could offer PURE plug-in play workability with video chatting. So regardless of the ISP or the link to the Internet, you could use this and it just works.

Skype has a fairly large customer base, and that’s what Microsoft bought, but Comcast has a large customer base and they’re going to make an attempt to tap that base for service fees, and monthly equipment rentals. And of course if you’re using their service, it’s not going to count against you bandwidth caps…

I expect to hear a lot of ‘Hey, Skype you later!’


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Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

zemified_c Get ready for 'Skype me later!'

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