Which is more popular? 3D TV or Internet Enabled TV

image_thumb1 Which is more popular? 3D TV or Internet Enabled TVI’m not going to draw this out. 3D TV loses on this battle field. If you want to stop reading here, you can; but the simple fact is Internet TV can offer more to customers than 3D ever could. 3D to a standard TV is my comparison to a light bulb with glitter; it’s a light bulb it works, it creates light— the glitter makes it just a bit fancier while it does it.

But Internet TV is what’s going to drive NEW TV sales. They’re going to drive TV sales through the roof… And sites like YouTube and Pandora and Hulu— they all know this. It’s not so hard to figure out…

Flipping your TV over to The Daily Show or pushing a button and getting YOUR weather right then, or having a TV guide know what you like to watch; offering you like TV shows when there’s nothing on— that’s going to be something.

The innovative ideas behind Google TV and Google voice recognition is going to be the icing on the cake. Taking in to account for 1 second; how nice would it be to grab the TV remote, press a button and say ‘MASH’ and then the TV finds it, or polls the web and finds factoids about the MASH TV show. That’s going to be too cool.

I envision far more interactive TV sessions…

I see people watching TV in HD and then when a commercial comes on, the right side of the screen goes to the discussion about the show your watching, while the commercial is playing on the left.

And you will be able to use the voice recognition on the remote to talk and chat and when the TV’s start coming with cameras; you’ll be chatting with friends and family when the TV shows are on. This will be the definition of social TV and social web.

The biggest impact is going to be to the TV studios… traditional TV is out the window. It’s done and gone. With Internet TV, it’s global interactive and everything the user watches is specific to them. It’s kind of hard to imagine, but I’m sure the minds at Google are crunch ways to do this right now.

Internet based TV is going to be far more engaging. You’re really going to have to be involved with the shows or what you’re looking at.

3D TV can’t complete in this arena. It simply can not. 3D TV can not engage an user/subscriber like the interactive offerings of the web. Dynamic news, weather, entertainment and social interactions are going to make the Internet TV of the future a window to the world of entertainment. I would gamble to clarify that going to a theater to see a movie will be come boring in time.

Seriously, why go to a movie if you’re so used to sharing the experience! Will theaters adapt to this? The possibility of theaters being around is another question. With cable companies offering VOD NEW streaming movies… that’s a body shot for the theaters.

No doubt there’s going to be a problem with this…as with all technology, and all computers… it changes and doubles like every six months… So what’s the problem?!

The processors of the TV’s…

Everyone knows old PC’s don’t do well with new technology… And anyone who has a Smartphone knows that simply by upgrading the operating system knows that this doesn’t make the system faster; it normally does the opposite. So if this is the case, where does this leave the consumer… buying a new TV every 2-5 years. Just as you do with your phones, computers and tablets… they have to be upgraded to be used properly.

The TV’s of old still work. They still have a picture, they still function, they’re bigger, bulkier and weigh a Hell of a lot, but they work. You’re not going to be able to say this about an Internet TV; one that has everything thing built-in to it.

Which brings me to my closing, 3D TV’s popular but not defining. Internet TV is going to be awesome to consumers; but my bet is going to be on the Google TV boxes… Having everything in one spot is nice… until it breaks… Set top boxes, for HD TV’s is going to be the standard. Replacing a set top box, vs. a $3000 Internet based TV. The choice is clear.

The Internet wins.

If the ISP’s and their data caps don’t jack it up first…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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