May 31 2011

How to make Phones calls from your Motorola Xoom

2xpabfot_thumb How to make Phones calls from your Motorola XoomDid you buy a Motorola Xoom and think about making phones calls as one of the things you could do with it, as well as all the other cool stuff. Well, I find Google finnicky in the fact that if you have a Motorola Xoom you don’t have an option for Google Voice  [at least not yet].

On May 1, 2011, it appears a new application in the Android market place is going to fix that for you and there’s not ROOTING required! 

All you need is your Google voice number. If you don’t already have a Google voice number, it works with your existing Google account and you can sign up for Google voice at http://www.google.com/voice. using Google voice you can make unlimited phone calls to United States and Canada using your data connection plan on your mobile device; it doesn’t count toward your mobile minutes, but make sure that you have a data plan that can support it.

The application is designed to function on any android device. Even if you have an old android phone with only Wi-Fi, using this application, you can turn it back into a fully functioning portable phone.

It’s Goove-IP… Groove-IP has the perfect market for a large audience of Motorola Xoom users, and other tablet users that don’t have the Google Talk application.

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From AppBrain site description:

– A single number that rings you anywhere
– Online voicemail–transcribed messages delivered to your inbox
– Free calls within US and Canada, and super low rates everywhere else
– The ability to send incoming call to voicemail
– Incoming call recording
– And many, many more…

I tested out this function over the  this past weekend and everyone I called didn’t know the diffrerence between my cell phone and the Motorola Xoom. It works over wi-fi and 3G/4G.It was a nice ability to add to my Motorola Xoom.

The application isn’t optimized for the tablet, but it does work.

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Here’s their official Facebook page… and they seem to be working on an option for the rotation of the page for the application. At the time I tested; it didn’t have that option— it was a little awkward.


It’s worth trying… especially if you don’t have a phone.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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