Google Rewards Users/Developers of Google Tasks with an API

j3irs2qr_thumb Google Rewards Users/Developers of Google Tasks with an APII believe everyone is aware of the Google Tasks option, to keep your everyday things on track, but for the longest time [it seems] for what ever reason Google didn’t offer an API to that service, making it difficult to believe to incorporate that information with any other application…

A lot of users wanted to have this for Thunderbird, but this is just one application; incorporating this in to other applications is going to come swiftly.

Google announced today  [may, 11th 2011] that the API is available.


The Google Tasks API provides developers with a powerful set of API endpoints for retrieving and modifying Google Tasks content and metadata. It offers a simple, RESTful interface and supports all basic operations required to query, manage and sync a user’s tasks and task lists. The API uses JSON for data representation and works with multiple authentication mechanisms including OAuth 2.0.

Plain HTTP using JSON
Using Google API Client Library for Java

POST /tasks/v1/lists//tasks HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
{ title: "Publish blog post" }
Task task = new Task();
task.setTitle("Publish blog post");
“list-ID”, task).execute();



As they say on their post, the blog ‘we’re checking off a big to-do from our list and are inviting you to try out the new Google Tasks API’…

I look forward to getting my tasks on my phone, and PC [hopefully Thunderbird] all sync’d up with Google Tasks API.


Early testers were:

  • Producteev is a task management platform that lets teams and individuals access their to-dos from a lot of different locations (web, mobile, email, calendars…). You will now have all your Producteev’s tasks available in Google Tasks and vice versa!
  • Mavenlink’s project collaboration suite allows you to communicate, share files, track time, invoice, and make or receive payments in one place. With its Google Tasks integration, your Mavenlink project tasks & Google Tasks always stay in sync.
  • Manymoon is the top installed social task and project management app in the Google Apps Marketplace and makes it simple to get work done online with co-workers, partners, and customers. Manymoon’s users can now create and view tasks with Gmail and Google Calendar through Google Tasks.
  • Zoho offers a suite of online business, collaboration and productivity applications for small businesses. So far they have integrated Zoho CRM & Zoho Projects with the Tasks API.


Here’s the link to the API…


Thanks Google…


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

pixy Google Rewards Users/Developers of Google Tasks with an API

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