Disappointment: No Decent Offline Blog Editors For Android

wxa4jqex_thumb Disappointment: No Decent Offline Blog Editors For AndroidI was searching around for the past 2 weeks putting efforts in to find a ‘good’ offline blog editor for my Android tablet [Motorola Xoom]. I found several ‘ just getting by’ editors, nothing that really made me stand up and shout.

As a friend of mine put it, perfectly, tablet PC‘s are nothing more than couch computers; and they are. They have a lot of great features, they’re convenient when you need an inet connection and a browser, but I believe everyone will agree, they’re not devices you’re productive on…

The touch screens are nice, but to be productive [right now] you’re going to need a keyboard and a mouse with a bigger screen— there’s a discussion there, but I’m not going to hit on it right now.

I was just noticing the other day; there’s not a decent blog editor for a tablet… for as perfect as a blog editor would be for a tablet; mainly Android for me… there’s not a decent one out there.

They’re all Frankenstein creations thus far…

Here are a few I was giving attention to:

They’re all basically the same. Same interefaces, same functions and the same clunky GUI‘s— that doesn’t work and it’s not impressive at all…

In the PC world, Windows Live Writer rules the roost on offline blog editors; nothing can seem to touch it; which is kind of funny since there’s much more talented people out there that could do better than Microsoft. Even the MAC users want a version of Windows Live Writer for MAC; and that might happened with the next version of Windows Live Writer [possibly] being cloud based.

Over the last 6 years, blogging in one form or another, writing articles, the editing interfaces haven’t’ changed much; they’re all basically kind of clunky and old.

And with a tablet, the couch PC, that’s the perfect time to be jacking around on a PC, writing a blog, or working on past for later [a draft], but the offline blog editors for Android and tablets aren’t there. They’re basically not worth using…

I’d speculate, with everything else that’s available, compared to what we have, it’s disaapointing.

Smartphones have small screens, it has to fit big stuff on small screens, but all the blog editors lack the basic ability to place images; there’s no image wrap. Most don’t even have the option to justify, left, right or center an image.

Here’s a demo of the latest version of WordPress for Android.

WordPress for Android is the most well developed, but I’d speculate I expected more…

I’m not picking on WordPress for Android, just using them as an example. For Android, it’s the most popular and the most disappointing at the same time.

Somethings that Android tablet blog editors should have, but don’t…

  • A way to define how wide your blog is… for just general editing.
  • Maybe download the CSS from the site to get fonts and basic characteristics of the site [fonts, colors, links]A much easier way to browse images/gallery and insert images; right now it’s one by one and kind of cumbersome. Not a true theme editing; not like Windows Live Writer. Something to help gauge what the post will look like before you post it.
  • Option to justify images, left, right or center… an option to zoom out for preview. If you care about how your blog looks, then you’ll care enough to review it before you publish it. Unless you plan on publishing drafts all the time and doing the real work on your PC.
  • Because tablets and Smartphones are touch screen; why can’t we drag-and-drop images and videos from out galleries and simply place them on the post?
  • Inserting links, if you’re writing a post, most likely you have visited that site recently; inserting links would be so much nicer if you could pick from an url history.


I’d speculate  that what I’m putting efforts in to say is that tablets are supposed to be easier to use, they’re touch based and sticking with the old clunky way of doing things is just not fun. If it’s not fun and if it’s not easy;  it’s more of a bandaid solution for when you get back to a real PC to get stuff done. Is that what tablets really are?

It makes you wonder…

So, it seems WordPress for Android is the best right now…

Do you know of any outstanding blog editors for Android, or for other tablets?


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

…via Dragon NaturallySpeaking 11 Pro.


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