Another reason to hate Adobe Flash… their updates.

oxqoydzd_thumb Another reason to hate Adobe Flash… their updates.I’m not able to be alone in this… I’m damn near pleading with adobe here on this one. Please stop with these obtuse update Windows. They’re coming out like every week or so and the update process is so obtuse; I nearly can’t stand it.

Are you putting efforts in to give me another reason to hate Adobe Flash?

For God sake, I have the Adobe Flash player installed already— did you chance that much or is your install team just too damn lazy to work on an installer that this is an upgrade and I have already agreed to the terms of using Adobe Flash?

But my latest torture comes from Mozilla Firefox now. Firefox is now telling me that a plug-in is required and then launched this…

xbwxkqbg_thumb Another reason to hate Adobe Flash… their updates.

You’re killing me with this stuff…

Not only am I getting prompts from Firefox and going in to an automated installation process [ that’s not automatic], it’s a buzz killer.

dyavqiig_thumb Another reason to hate Adobe Flash… their updates.

I believe the world is pleading with you now at this point; can’t you just let us know if the terms of the agreement changes? And then we can agree to the NEW terms?!

God knows we’ll agree to it!  We require Adobe Flash to visit most of our websites…

At least when we have a more refined HTML 5 for browsers, we won’t have to update like this; it’ll be built right in and having to get ‘updates’us interrupt’us’ from Adobe won’t be required.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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