Windows 8 App Store– Very ‘Original’ And Needed Idea

image_thumb27 Windows 8 App Store– Very ‘Original’ And Needed IdeaThe title of this post has a level of sarcasm in it, but back in 2009, Windows 7 was about to be released and having played with the beta version of the operating system for a few months, I was very sad to see that Microsoft had done nothing with their applications handling.

A few years pass, and now Microsoft seems to be the lumbering giant that can’t seem to get anything right… They have missed the boat on the Smartphone market, they have missed the boat on the tablet market and they have discontinued one of the few things that was really working for them, the Zune.

But now it seems they may be starting to listen…

The latest rage in discussion is the ‘possible’ Windows 8 application market [app store]. True or not, it’s what Windows has needed for a long time; a market of applications that have been hand picked and approved by Microsoft as valid and safe applications. Having a market of applications to choose from is just another way to ensure the operating system is shielded from malicious programs/developers.

Here’s a screenshot that’s roaming the web right now, about a possible Windows application store…image_thumb28 Windows 8 App Store– Very ‘Original’ And Needed Idea

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And while it’s not certified as a reality, it’d make perfect sense for Microsoft to do this… not only for their desktop operating system, but any emerging mobile operating system’s they might want to offer. And the ‘market’ idea is supported by the article earlier this week for ‘SmartScreen’ for Windows 8.

image_thumb29 Windows 8 App Store– Very ‘Original’ And Needed Idea
ReferenceIcon Windows 8 App Store– Very ‘Original’ And Needed Idea

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If this comes around it’d be fascinating because others have been capitalizing on the lack of support in this area. Microsoft has done nothing to curb this runaway train of auto-update applications that can simply overwhelm a PC with nothing more than a mountain of update services and programs; this includes Google.

Applications like this:


How Microsoft is able to turn their heads to this is staggering… They have clearly had blinders on for a while.

But is Microsoft can come full circle on this, cluster their applications in to a market place [of sorts] and combine the applications update process in to a singular service, it’d be a great step for them.

I’m not able to help wondering though, if this [if true] could be a series of final walks of shame for Microsoft; if they can’t pull this off; pulling everything together as a singular market place for Microsoft products and applications— it could be just another series of failures and ’missed boats’ for Microsoft, where they just can’t connect the dots.

We’ll see…


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