Apr 08 2011

When Window Updates Fail w/Error Code 8007371C

lwpvhcjh_thumb When Window Updates Fail w/Error Code 8007371CWhen my Windows Vista system failed to update to Internet Explorer 9 I got an error code; error 8007371C. I have no idea what this means and the Microsoft Windows support site is completely worthless. My system will no longer update any more patches.

This is a testament to things I have tried and things that didn’t work.

I believe I have tried everything I can find to get my system to start applying patches again, but nothing thus far has worked. So as I was working through all these things I thought was going to resolve the issue; it didn’t.

I’m not sure how this post actually applies to anything, or it may help anyone else, but I stopped searching for an answer after I found a support forum post on basically the exact same issue I was having and Microsoft techs had been working with them [this person] for weeks and yet the issue was still outstanding.

Following the forum thread, there was a drop from the responses from the Microsoft tech and then there was a response from the user. He was tired of the BS, the ‘run arounds’, the crap ‘try this’ & ‘try that’… he responded by saying ‘he gave up!’ — he just gave up and reloaded his system from scratch and then; and only after then, was his system able to load all the service patches and upgrades.

I’m not going to go that far.

Here’s a low grade list of all the things, websites I tried to get my PC fixed… if any of these things work for you — great, but none of it did for me and I was chasing website after website, attempting to find an answer; I never got.


Windows Update

p3vcvmln_thumb When Window Updates Fail w/Error Code 8007371C

djjxwymi_thumb When Window Updates Fail w/Error Code 8007371C


Another website…



smcdm3ua_thumb When Window Updates Fail w/Error Code 8007371C


Another website…



uwnuvyeu_thumb When Window Updates Fail w/Error Code 8007371C


Another website…



g354wh5g_thumb When Window Updates Fail w/Error Code 8007371C

I tried the standard option, then I tried the aggressive option…

jf5vsfka_thumb When Window Updates Fail w/Error Code 8007371C

Neither one of these options did any good. The aggressive one reset all my system updates back to zero; saying I had never updated my system. But it was more cosmetic than anything because it found all the updates I had installed previously.


The next step was to make an attempt at this other option…


Another website…



This process takes a really long time…

ynbwtr01_thumb When Window Updates Fail w/Error Code 8007371C

It found some corrupt files, but it wouldn’t/couldn’t fix them. I don’t really understand the concept behind finding the files that are corrupt and then NOT being able to fix them… WHY? Obviously, it can detect there’s something wrong with the files, why not just put them to the side for replacement when the system reboots?!


Another search gets me to this forum…


Another website…




I found another article about the Windows Installer Service… Now, why the Windows update service would not be started, when the automatic Windows updates are turned on; and WHY the automatic updates service wouldn’t check to see if the Windows Installer service wasn’t running [if it’s required] is just crazy.

The frustration goes on…

pqikgbvs_thumb When Window Updates Fail w/Error Code 8007371C


Then I found this…

For 32 bit OS —


For 64 bit OS —




Still nothing…

At this point, this where I gave up… I chose not to reinstall my system for the sake of a POS browser from Microsoft

I feel so fortunate that now I’m not able to update my system because Microsoft has released a new browser that’s so integrated with my system that it halts the application of any more system updates.

If you’re wondering, yes; I’m really upset about this.

And if you have ever wondered about the biggest problems with integrating a browser with an operating system, this is your prime example of WHY NOT to do it.


I give up… and Microsoft your support is for CRAP. I has this in the most eloquent way possible because they [Microsoft] are the creators of the operating system. They’re the creators of the browser they wrote, and THEY have no freaking idea, why their own browser won’t install… and now I’m not able to apply anymore updates.

It’s disgustingly, stupid.


Honestly, I hope this helps someone.


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr.

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  • Amanda

    Thats so funny loved that* I just sat for four hours doing everything you did to a T, finally bringing me to your website* as a sat reading back through all I just went through myself laughing with disgust at those bastards for putting us through that.

  • Gina Bewley

    Personally, I think Windows has quit supporting Vista and will do nothing that will fix it, hoping you will upgrade to the next "Windows upgrade", which is suppose is Windows 7, unless they've come up with another one by now. This has been going on since I got into computers with Windows 3 in the 80's. Not a blessed thing we can do about it. My opinion.

  • Jason

    For five months I've been trying to fix it. I've re-installed, reformatted, clean booted, ran scans, checks, you name it…NOTHING. Microsoft "help" tried with me for three days, and just had me repeat the same useless and pointless crap I'd done on my own. Nothing has worked, twenty-eight times I've re-installed windows, in various different ways. Tried the update from WU, stand-alone download, from discs..no help. Still can't so much as install service pack 1. Mostly it hasn't been a problem, but now finally something REFUSES to run until I have service pack 2 installed..which is not possible. I'd love some help with this, and I clearly won't get it from Microsoft, as they hadn't the slightest idea how their own OS works. I can't afford Win7, I'm stuck with the piece of garbage Vista.

  • Bill S.

    I agree completely. I also found no support of any value from MS, and then saw tons of possible solutions that did not solve the problem. I drew the same conclusion as the article's author: if the only option to fix windows updater is to essentially reinstall my entire computer from scratch, I am simply unwilling to do this. Thanks for summarizing my own experience in this article.

  • Luke

    BTW I have the exact same problem …with Windows 7

  • Alex

    I have similar problem ~4 month and i can't resolve it…

  • Doug Hauseman

    I have the same problem with Windows 7 also. Tried several "fixes" and nothing works.

    • Microsoft has reported this as a problem with either the registry or user profile being used, but there's not direct resolution… very sad.


  • William Lukens

    Same error, same lack of information from Micrsoft… WindowsUpdate_8007371C OR WindowsUpdate_dt000
    The windows Update Trouble shooting program ran for about 20 hours with no response…
    I will use Chrome.

    • I never got the issue fixed. Like you,I use another browser now…

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