The ‘Angry Birds’ is a Paradox and a Success

image_thumb21 The ‘Angry Birds’ is a Paradox and a SuccessThe success of Angry Birds simply staggers me. For years developers were fixated on developing games that were 3D and first person shooters; very rare was anyone interested in going back to the ‘basic’ 2d display…

But for some strange reason, Angry Birds has simply taken off on a level of success that’s rivaled by few. Angry Birds, from what I understand, in in the process of working out a movie deal, and they have stuffed Angry Birds and the success of the game keeps going with the release of their seasons Angry Birds.

I’d speculate the success of the game is really because the amount of time people just need to waste with themselves and their phones.

image_thumb22 The ‘Angry Birds’ is a Paradox and a SuccessAnd to be honest, there’s nothing fancy about Angry Birds. I believe 90% of the population has seen the game or heard of it, but the concept of the game is simple, throw birds at walls and knock them down… it’s the electronic version of Jenga… mixed in with a little hate for PETA.

Contemplating it, you’re using birds to batter a line of fortresses with birds; birds that get killed in attempting to knock the buildings down, and some of them exploding in mid-air to do this… and as they fly, they’re screaming in pain. If you were to take this out of context and apply this to TRON, there are a lot of people dying in the background, just to play this game.

But in all seriousness, Angry Birds success has not been so much from the game they offer, but HOW they offer the game— it’s free. It’s supported by ads! That’s almost a dirty word, but this business model works perfect for the Smartphone world. People are just attempting to kill time and having to review some small, obscure ad while they waste time seems perfectly acceptable. And it’s a continue revenue stream for the makers! Why would they want anyone to BUY the game and never see the ads?

They wouldn’t make as much money…

So with Angry Birds, they have managed to take a game that was already there [on the web] in Adobe Flash, copy it, use birds in lieu of boulders and then re-present it, and make tons of money with it. It’s true, I’m not able to find it now, but there was a very close to being Angry Birds and the game creators of Angry Birds just changed a few things and resold the idea.

And Angry Birds just have a slew of neat little merchandise toys to choose from:

image_thumb23 The ‘Angry Birds’ is a Paradox and a Successimage_thumb24 The ‘Angry Birds’ is a Paradox and a Success

image_thumb25 The ‘Angry Birds’ is a Paradox and a Successimage_thumb26 The ‘Angry Birds’ is a Paradox and a Success

And for all you Angry Birds fans… knockem’ down!


Thank you,
Larry Henry Jr. 

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